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Located at the foot of majestic Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, SMMUG (Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group) is a fun computer club and a non-profit Colorado educational corporation – 501(c)(3). SMMUG is dedicated to helping people enjoy and learn about their Apple mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods), and Macintosh computers. We were formed in 1985, making us one of the oldest Mac User Groups (MUGs) in the United States.

Our 30+ members span all ages and computer skill levels. We strive to make sure SMMUG offers benefits to experienced users and new users alike, and everyone in between. We work to provide all our members with valuable learning experiences, helpful resources, and updates on emerging technology. SMMUG members share a passion for the wonderful Apple machines that have brought such a positive influence to their lives.

We welcome everyone, especially new users. Our regular Monday General Meetings are FREE and open to members and nonmembers alike. Please come to a meeting and see how SMMUG can help you discover even more ways to enjoy your Apple mobile devices and Macintosh computer! We do programs on other tech too, like home security, building or expanding a home WiFi network, and the latest Mac and iOS apps too.

Board of Directors for 2023

Position Name
President                       Jim Johnson
Vice President Mark Griffith
Secretary Mike Marus
Treasurer Skip Mundy
Director At Large  Jeff Jensen
Director At Large George Kahler
Director At Large Sharon Romero     
Director At Large Ralph Woodard
Director At Large Pam Wilson
Director At Large Dave St. Andre
Director At Large OPEN

Key Volunteers for 2023

Position Name
Webmaster Jeff Jensen
Assistant Webmaster Ralph Woodard
Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Reviews Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Prizes Chair Sharon Romero
Publicity Chair Dave St. Andre

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SMMUG bylaws – 2014

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