Cool App List/ iPod, iPad, iPhone

A list of cool apps collected over time by club members to share with members.

Cool Apps:  In the old web site, we had about 100 Apps, that our members have put up on the site, and you could enter a Search word, what you were looking for, like “Radio”, and the search term, in we had you could put in, and the search would show the APPa in the list.  

We plan to add the Cool App write ups, and get back from our old site, we had until WP destroyed our Cool App Widget when WP released Version 6.02 of WP.

Members in the new web site will be able to easily to add as part of a Blog of an app that you find useful you can view.  We plan to add the apps we had into the new web site at  It will take us some time to get this done. And members to enter add to the Cool Apps.  See the Sample Example below.

A Sample Cool App Write Up (A description text,  and a logo if you can get it an added the logo so there is no confusion.

Want to listen to live radio stations from around the world for free from your iOS device? TuneIn Radio ad-supported free version is easy to search, navigate, personalize and sounds great. Upgrade to Pro (recent price range $9) to remove the ads. To be Free, do not click on the FREE trial, they want you to pay after a week.  Click on the white asterisk * in the upper right of their home page to get to the free/with adverts. Choose from  over 70,000 stations and audio sources from music to NOAA weather to local police scanners to local sports talk radio in New Zealand. Traveling - check the local radio for temperature there.  Even includes such goodies as  live streaming audio from BBC. NBC, etc. and Soft Rock and Roll. Radio has been reborn around the world thanks to Internet streaming. Join the audience. - Kit H. & Jeff J.