Websites by Friends

Below are website by members or friends of SMMUG

Skip Mundy’s Websites

Skip will supply a new set of current websites as time permits.

Bob Levitus, aka Dr. Mac

Bob Levitus is an author of more than 50 computer-related books, particularly on the Apple Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad. He started his own Mac troubleshooting business, called Dr. Mac Consulting. He has been a columnist for the Houston Chronicle newspaper since 1996. Bob came to Colorado Springs to present to smmug in May, 2016. It was an excellent show.  Bob's website is  for his new TV show.

Gary Rozenzweig of Mac Most

Gary Rozenzweig has come down to the Springs to talk & demo for us various Apple topics. He runs a website full of cool and very useful videos, Apple News, Apple Rumors, a weekly newsletter, and a Q&A forum. Take a look at Mac Most, and you will find a wealth of easy to understand Mac tech information. There are also pay-for courses on important things for Macs, and sometimes free courses, like the FREE course on Mac security, which is becoming more important every day.

Jeff Jensen

A site for a friend who runs a tree service in Colorado Springs. Trees Plus Landscaping .

Need to investigate someone or something?  Try the PI at Pikes Peak Investigative Services Inc.