SMMUG November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the November 24, 2014 SMMUG Board Meeting


All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. Email Gerry Simonson at for the location for next month’s Board Meeting. The November meeting was called to order on Monday, November 24th at 5:38 PM.



President Gerry Simonson Present
Vice Pres. Mark Griffith Present
Treasurer Skip Mundy Present
Secretary Jean Marsh Absent
Director Jeff Jensen Present via FaceTime
Director Ralph Woodard Absent
Director Joe Staten Present
Director Mark Pedri Present
Director Kit Harras Present via FaceTime
Director Jim Johnson Absent
Director Mike Marus Absent
Key Volunteers
Newsletter Laurrell Davenport Present
Member Ron Davenport Present
Door Prize Bruce Wisz Absent
SIG Mark Pimentel Absent


  1. Approval of Minutes of the October 27, 2014 SMMUG Board Meeting. The minutes were approved as written.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Skip Mundy provided the Treasurer’s Report: 68 paid members. There is $3514.47 in the SMMUG bank account, $107.49 in SMMUG PayPal account and $7.00 to be deposited for a total of $3628.96.


  1. Current Business:


3.1 SMMUG equipment.


  1. There was a discussion regarding the disposition of the old SMMUG projector. Some ideas were to keep it, sell it or donate it to Goodwill or other charity. The general consensus was to allow club members to have the opportunity to “try before you buy” to see if they would like purchase the projector.


   Action: The Board will announce the “try before you buy” opportunity for the projector to the membership at a future meeting. Status: OPEN.


  1. Related to the disposition of the SMMUG projector is the bag of spare parts. Jeff Jensen would like the membership to have an opportunity to take some of the parts if they need them. The Board would like an inventory of the items before offering the chance for the membership to purchase the parts.

   Action: Mark Griffith took the action to contact Jeff Jensen to see if he could provide an inventory of the parts. Status: OPEN.


3.2 Swap Meet at the December 2014 Special Special interest Group (SIG). Jeff Jensen asked via e-mail if the Swap Meet was a go at the December SIG. Since neither Mike Marus nor Mark Pimentel was present at the Board meeting, this item was tabled. Status OPEN.


3.2  Meeting locations for next program year (2015). The Penrose Library Carnegie Reading Room is booked for the January through April 2015 SMMUG meetings.


   Action: Mark Griffith took the action to book the Carnegie Reading Room for the rest of the year as it becomes available to schedule. Status: Ongoing.

Action: The Board will book the Fire Station 18 for future SIGS. Status: OPEN.


  1. New Business:


4.1 Wireless at the Carnegie Library. Ron Davenport inquired about the quality of the WiFi connection in the Carnegie reading Room and whether a WiFi extender might help. The consensus of the Board was that a WiFi extender would not help the quality of the connection because it is a bandwidth issue not a signal issue.


Jeff Jensen recommended a “MiFi” hotspot that may increase the quality of the signal. The Board agreed to reimburse Jeff Jensen for two months of 3 GB data to see if it would help the quality of theWiFi in the Carnegie Reading Room.


Action: Jeff Jenson to purchase a MiFI hotspot and bring it to the January and February 2015 meetings to see if the WiFi signal is improved. Status: OPEN.


4.2 2015 SMMUG Board Candidates. Candidates for the 2015 program year include Jim Johnson, Gerry Simonson, Ron Davenport, Skip Mundy, Mark Griffith, Jeff Jensen, Mike Marus, Jean Marsh, Gerry Prescott, and Bobby Throldahl. Elections will occur at the December 2nd Annual Meeting.


  1. Upcoming Programs:


5.1 December 2, 2014 – Annual Meeting to elect the 2015 SMMUG board and Mark Pimentel will provide an overview of Yosemite.


5.2 January 6, 2015 – Useful travel apps by Jeff Jensen, Skip Mundy and Mark Griffith


5.3 February 3, 2015 – Social Media is a tentative subject.


5.4 March 3, 2015 – Open


5.5 April 7, 2015 – Ralph Woodard contacted Joe Kissell, author of TidBits and “Take Control” books and Joe agreed to present at the April 2015 meeting.


   Action: Mark Griffith will follow-up with Mr. Kissell and make the travel arrangements for the visit in April. Status: OPEN.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 6:57 PM. The next SMMUG board meeting is scheduled for December 29, 2014 at 117 Mayhurst Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.


Minutes submitted by Mark Griffith.

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