Minutes from August 25, 2014 SMMUG Board Meeting

Minutes from the August 25, 2014 SMMUG Board Meeting


All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. Email Gerry Simonson at gsimonson@smmug.org for the location. The August meeting was called to order on Monday, August 25th at 5:36 PM.


President           Gerry Simonson                       Present
Vice Pres.           Mark Griffith                            Present
Treasurer           Skip Mundy                              Present
Secretary            Jean Marsh                             Present
Director              Jeff Jensen                              Absent
Director              Ralph Woodard                       Absent
Director              Joe Staten                               Absent
Director              Mark Pedri                               Absent
Director              Kit Harras                                Present via FaceTime
Director              Jim Johnson                            Absent
Director              Mike Marus                              Present

Key Volunteers

Newsletter         Laurrell Davenport                    Present
Member              Ron Davenport                         Present
Door Prize          Bruce Wisz                               Absent
SIG                       Mark Pimentel                        Absent
1. Approval of Minutes of July 28, 2014, SMMUG Board Meeting. The minutes were approved as written.

2.  Treasurer’s Report.  70 members.  There is $3782.91 in the SMMUG bank account and SMMUG PayPal account.

3. Current Business. Review of plans for the remaining 2014 SMMUG meetings:

a. September 2nd SMMUG Meeting – September 2nd SMMUG Meeting – Skip Mundy has already been to the library to check out the audio and visual systems and  was reassured that there are shades if the sun should be a concern.  Skip Mundy and Gerry Simonson will return and make sure it is ready for the meeting next week. Skip Mundy will demonstrate how to put together a website complete with photographs, video, blogs and, social media with Sandvox, which is compatible with popular browsers and various devices. Sandvox retails for $79.99 and to Skip Mundy’s knowledge this has never been on sale. Jean Marsh will handle the badge table so that Skip can set up for his resentation.

b. September 13th SIG Meeting – Mike Marus will go over and check out the new SIG location at Firehouse 18 at Vindicator and Centennial. A stipulation for SMMUG to use the facility is to ensure the room and bathroom be left as it was found. Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover iTunes. Laurrell Davenport will have maps available at the general SMMUG meeting Tuesday for the location of the SIG meeting.

c. October 7th SMMUG Meeting – The topic for the October SMMUG meeting is TBD.  Possible topics include a review of IOS 8, assuming it has been released;  or a presentation by “Galcon Fusion” app author Phil Hassey.

Action Item:  Mark Griffith will contact Phil to see if he is interested in presenting at the October meeting.

At a previous SMMUG Board meeting, there was talk about having a panel discussion on E-Readers.  At least three of the major e-readers for iOS can be covered:  iBook (Mike Marus), Nook (Skip Mundy), and Kindle (Mark Griffith).

d. October 11th SIG Meeting – Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover iPhoto.

e. November 4th SMMUG Meeting – Rich Voelker and company will present their traditional Christmas shopping tips. Some members suggested that the presentation be focused on ideas for Christmas Gift giving.

Action Item: Gerry Simonson will follow-up with Rich to confirm his participation at the November meeting.  Status: OPEN.

f. November 8th SIG Meeting – Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover Safari.

g. December 2nd SMMUG Meeting – This meeting will include election of SMMUG officers and Board members for 2015. Topics for the meeting after the election of Board Officers and Directors include:  Possible a Q&A session, swap meet and visiting among members.

In addition, the Board suggested having Blue Star recycle be present at our Dec 2nd SMMUG meeting in order to offer recycling of hardware no longer needed by users. If here is a fee charged the club may wish to do further research.

Action Item: Gerry Simonson took an action to contact Blue Star Recycling to see if they can attend the meeting. Gerry made initial contact and will follow-up via e-mail to confirm Blue Star’s attendance and if there will be a fee charged.  Status:  OPEN.

Action Item:  The Board will ask individuals if they are willing to serve on the 2015 SMMUG Board. Several names came up at the meeting: Greg Kelly, Gary Prescott, Bobby Throldahl, Tom Harrington. Ron Davenport was present at this board meeting and agreed to be on the Board for 2015. Thank you Ron. Status:  OPEN.

h. December 13th SIG Meeting – Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover the Finder.

3. New Business.

a. Future Meeting Topics –  Mark Griffith suggested the Board start thinking of possible programs and presenters for the first few months of 2015 so the new Boad members may have a head start. Possible topics include Colorado State Vacation Guide by Miles Media, iOS 8, useful apps for travel, peripheral hardware used with Macs/iOS devices, “the Cloud”.

b. Shop for a Cause – Mark Griffith reported the sale of 20 cards which netted $100.00 for the club.

c. Cool App of the Week – Gerry Simonson will talk to Jeff about cool app of the week. Jeff Jensen and Ralph Woodard informed Kit Harras that they had run out. Kit has put together an new list of about 100 but we will need to approach members to contribute their favorite apps to share with fellow club members in the future. Kit suggested they only need to briefly write a paragraph of what they like about the app to inform others.

Mac tracker looks to be an interesting app to check out before the December Swap meet. This app will give detailed information on all Mac computers ever made.

d. Problems that some have experienced with 10.9.3 have found to be solved by installing 10.9.4.

e. Laurrell wrote a review of “Galcon Fusion” game in the recent newsletter. The creator, Phil Hassey, who happens to live in Pueblo, contacted her at which time she invited him to our meeting. We will of course be watching for him and we might ask if he would be a future program presenter (see previous Action Item). A possible program informing us of what it is like to work with the app store rather than selling from a physical store or on his own.

f. Reserving SMMUG Meeting Location: Laurell and Ron Davenport informed the Board that the January schedule is open for the Carnegie Room at the Penrose Library.  Laurell suggested we reserve the room for January tonight so that we do not lose our slot.

Action Item:  Gerry Simonson took an action to contact the Penrose Library to reserve the Carnegie Reading Room.  Status:  OPEN.

After our meeting on September 2 we will know better if we want to reserve the room in a couple of weeks for February 3, 2015when that option come open.  Laurell suggested a Board member take responsibility to reserve the meeting room every month as it becomes available to be scheduled.

Action Item:  Mark Griffith will book the Carnegie Reading Room each month as the schedule becomes available (typically five months in advance).

5. The meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM.  The next SMMUG board meeting is scheduled for September 29, 2014, location is TBD.

Minutes submitted by Jean Marsh & Mark Griffith.


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