Membership Advantages

Membership in SMMUG offers a number of benefits.

  • Subscription -  to our excellent monthly newsletter.  The newsletter always covers a number of topics, keeps you up to date on the latest Apple news, contains reviews of software, has a cartoon or two, and many other how-to articles. Members receive a hot link right to the online Newsletter as soon as it is published every month.
  • Newsletters past - Access to the newsletter/review archive.  So when you are looking at buying some software or a new mobile app, make sure to log in and check the newsletter reviews for what we thought of the software or app.
  • Discounts - Membership entitles you to many member-only discounts on books and software. SMMUG gets discounts from vendors that present at the meetings, and vendors that just enjoy selling to Mac User Groups.
  • Door Prizes - At every meeting we give door prizes to members using your member badge.  These can include a mug, an iTunes gift card, or sometimes an expensive piece of software.  This year in January we gave as a door prize an iPad mini.
  • Demos -One of the best benefits of SMMUG are the presentations.  Most are live demonstrations of hardware, software, or how-to-use your Apple iOS device (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) or Mac computer to do something.
  • Camaraderie - As a member, you will quickly learn to email a fellow member, or ask someone during the networking break how to do something that you want to do on your iOS device (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) or your Mac computer.
  • Free access to the slides/charts presented at the meetings.  Just sign in, and click on Slides from Meetings. They are by title and the meeting date when the presentation was given.
  • Free advertising.  For members, if you have a class or event that would be of interest, you may do bit of advertising on the website and in the newsletter.  The club reserves the right to edit adverts of course, but so far all requests have gone through.

You can Join SMMUG now, to learn how, just click here!