June 2015 Board Meeting

June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes 6/29/2015   5:30-6:40pm

Posted 7/27/2015

Members are always welcome to attend Board meeting. Attendees were as shown below:


President Jim Johnson Present
Vice President Gerry Simonson Present
Secretary Ron Davenport Present
Treasurer Skip Mundy Present
Director Mark Griffith Present
Director Jeff Jensen Present
Director Kit Harras Present
Director Mike Marus
Director Jean Marsh
Director Bob Throldahl Present
Newsletter Laurrell Davenport Present


May Minutes approved

  1. Old Business
    1. A few Meet-Up attendees at general meeting
    2. Pizza party: July general meeting vote Fargo’s or Pizza Time, head count- Mark
    3. Mark or Jim to arrange for anniversary cake
  2. New Business
    1. Treasurer’s report: $2493.09          PayPal:  $491.01              46 members
    2. Skip, Mark to test teleconferencing for July board meeting (freeconferencecall.com)
    3. Jeff to setup a test at the library for teleconferencing for guest speakers.   Possible invitees- Bob Levitus, Gary Rosenquist, Prosoft Engineering".
    4. Jeff would like a short description from presenters describing the topic for the website
  3. Programs for General Meetings
    1. July 7: Mark Pimentel Photos, features from Aperture, consolidating, duplicate faces
    2. August 4: Club dinner, 30th anniversary
    3. September 1: Jim present HomeKit and home automation
    4. October 6:  IOS 9
    5. November 3: Rich Voelker El Capitan system, services he provides, and Xmas gifts
    6. December 1: Club election, Apple watch
    7. January 5: Apple TV

The next board meeting: July 27 5:30 pm. test online- Skip to provide instructions

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