July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Members are always welcome to attend Board Meetings. See the CALENDAR for dates and times.

  1. President Jim Johnson called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.

  1. Jim Johnson took Roll Call. The following members were present:

President Jim Johnson
Vice President Mark Griffith
Treasurer Skip Mundy
Sharon Romero
Ralph Woodard
and later in the meeting, Jeff Jensen

  1. The June 2016 Board meeting minutes were approved.
  1. Skip Mundy provided the Membership and Treasury Report:   Membership stands at 46 with a total balance of $1933.22.
  1. Old Business

a.  Guest speakers for 2016.

Jim Johnson suggested not pursuing Jennifer Bell, Prosoft Engineering for the rest of this program year since the docket is full. See below.

b. Future Programs:

August 2016: Pizza Night: Fargo’s reserved and confirmed. The Board decided that SMMUG will pay for the pizzas, soft drinks, and dessert. The dessert will be purchased from Fargo’s vice bringing in a cake.

September 2016: Cutting the Cable, Part 2 by Jim Johnson.

October 2016: iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra by Jim Johnson.

November 2016: Christmas ideas and Rich Voelker

December 2016: Annual Business Meeting; Elections; and possibly a presentation on interfaces (USB, Thunderbolt, Display Port, etc., or a follow up to iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra.

c. The Board discussed ideas for meeting door prizes. There will be no prizes provided at the pizza party in August. For the September meeting, books on iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra although the publication of these books might be late to need for the meeting. The Board was asked to come up with other suggestions.

  1. New Business

a. Jim Johnson will probably be out-of-state on business in August. If he is not in town for the pizza party, Mark Griffith will lead this event. Ralph Woodard took an action to check with Fargo’s to see if we need to order the desert cakes in advance. Subsequent to the meeting, Ralph had already talked to Meredith at Fargo’s and she stated we do not need to order the cakes in advance if no more than two cakes requested. For the pizza, if we would like them at a certain time we should order them ahead of time and let them know at what time we would like them ready.

b. Sharon Romero asked if the Board had further thoughts on raising the yearly membership dues. There was a concern that we may lose some membership thereby negating any additional funds we could gain. The Board decided to hold an open discussion about raising the dues by $5.00 per year at the December General Meeting.

c. Jeff Jensen asked the Board if anyone had an iPad with cellular capabilities and if they use it. Skip stated he had an iPad with cellular capability but he does not use that capability.

  1. Around the Table. There were some technical difficulties with the teleconference so Jim Johnson adjourned the meeting at 6:00 p.m..
  1. Next meeting: August 29, 2016 at the Fire Station.

 Minutes prepared by: Mark Griffith

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