January Board Minutes 2012

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on January 26, 2012 

President Kit Harras called the Board meeting to order at 5:45 p.m. The roll was taken, and those present and absent are as shown. Board members are asked to read and coordinate corrections or changes with the Club Secretary before the Board meeting.



President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Secretary Jean Marsh


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Prize Chair Judi Franklin


Director Mark Griffith


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri


Director Joe Staten




APPROVAL OF LAST MEETING MINUTES:  Minutes from last month’s Board meeting were approved as posted on the Website.

Membership:  65 paid members
Bank Balance $ 3,983.16
Pay Pal $ 300.00 +
To deposit $ 175.00

A. Old Business

1. Program Schedule:

a. February the program to begin at 6:00 p.m. as we have a very special guest demonstrating for us. An autistic student with his mother, teacher and therapist will demonstrate his working with the I Pad. Skip will check with an Autistic Association acquaintance who may be able to field questions of the policies and politics involved.

b. Some future ideas that were kicked around.

March or ? : Jeff will talk to Voelker Research, Mac Super store, Tyler, or Pimintel as to what and when he would like to present something to our group

April Tax Season: Financial record keeping apps

May Computer help to run your household Store sale sights, coupons, scheduling, social sights, Groupon,

June Ancestor researches this month or last related to Mother’s Day or Father’s day.

July Basics of security: What should all be aware of

August Education / Higher education related

September Photo: Getting ready for beautiful fall photos

October Hobbies: Christmas cards, scrapbooks, needle work

November Voelker Research: Dear Santa,

December Vote in a new board.

Q & A tables: New users; Binary, programming; Photo; Private 1 on 1;

c. This list below is borrowed from one of last years board meeting agenda as it shows more ideas that were presented at this meeting.

Possible Future Programs

• New Apple presentation

• Pages and Numbers presentation

• Excel (several requests)

• Back-ups

• Virus detectors

• Firewalls

• Defragging

• Quicken (several requests)

• Log in to remote machines using scp, Back to my Mac

• Firefox, writing an add-on, Grease Monkey,

essentials of ECMAScript (Javascript)

• MacSpeech’s Dictate software

• Audacity • Audio HiJack

• My SQL

• Postgress

• Keynote

• Blogs

• Replacement s/w for Apple Works

• Photoshop Elements

• How e-mail works: POP3, etc

• Creating certificates

• Signing e-docs, sending encrypted e-mail

• FTTP, STFP, FTPS, file transmitter, GUI clients

• Crossover Mac

• Handbrake

• Internet, domain server, run your own server, getting a domain, what is http?

• Create web-pages in html

• Using a spreadsheet for finances

• Getting stock quotes

• Getting bank data and archeckbook

• Apple TV

• iPhone

• iPod Touch

• iPods

• Internet chat programs (Skype, iChat, AOL Messenger)

2. Joe & Jim are transferring the Treasury job this week and the Quicken system in place.

3. Jim will stop by the Senior Center to discuss with them the problems we have experienced with the sound system and wifi system over the past few months. A back up options would be preferable so in the future we have something to fall back on. It appears that it is time for an upgrade of their systems. Is it something their IP person will handle or possible Volker.

4. Drawing prizes budget $100.00 per month. In November the budget is traditionally more with Voelker Research presenting and also January. Judi will contact Bob to get advise on where to secure prizes for free or a bargain. Also possible using gift cards such as Amazon, I Tunes, e books, and possible in December offering gift cards for membership dues.

5. FaceBook : Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group

 B. New Business

1. Invite a news reporter from the Gazette to one of our meetings this year.

2. Place a 1 on 1 Q & A table in the lobby for anyone who would prefer a private session.

3. Meet Up: We will sign up for 6 months as a trial.

Around the Table

1. The nice big prize given at the January meeting may have encouraged people to get their dues paid so that they could participate in the drawing. We may want to remember that strategy for future years.

2. The website is coming along. Some hang ups have been fixed. 2 possible pages suggested. One simple where nothing moves and the second would include area where potential new members could sign up. CoMug, the Colorado Macintosh User Group is an illustration.

Next Meeting: When: February 23, 2012 Where: Tentatively at Mark’s again.

E. Adjourn @ 7:32 p.m.


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