January 2015 Board Meeting

January 2015 Board Meeting Minutes. The Board Meeting was held Monday, 1/26/2015 from 5:30-6:50pm.

Members are always welcome to attend Board Meetings. Attendees were:

President Jim Johnson Present
Vice President Gerry Simonson Present
Secretary Ron Davenport Present
Treasurer Skip Mundy Present
Director Mark Griffith Present
Director Jeff Jensen Present
Director Jean Marsh Present
Director Mike Marus Present
Director Bob Throldahl Present
Guest Kit Harris Present via FaceTime
Newsletter Laurrell Davenport Present

A. Old Business

  1. December Minutes were approved as posted online.
  2. Jeff Jensen – WiFi Hotspot used .6 of 4GB per month authorized thru April. It may be possible to cut the cost by buying less GB per month. Mike Marus suggested we keep the 4 GB per month till Joe Kissell comes and presents. This will give us more data points, and insure Joe has good WiFi for his presentation. The Board agreed to this.
  3. Mark will continue to book Carnegie Room, Ron Davenport Station will continue to book Fire Stations 14 (for Board meetings) & 18 (for SIGs)
  4. Mark booked $450 of $800 authorized for travel arrangements for Joe Kissell
  5. Treasurer’s report: $3234 in the bank,          PayPal: $395.13             39 members
  6. Due to Gerry Prescott’s death, Jim will announce an open director’s position

B.  New Business

  1. Jeff will get lapel mic working for Carnegie
  2. The break between Q&A and the presentations will be extended to allow more individual help, welcome new attendees
  3. Advertise the April meeting in newspapers, Jeff Jensen, Mike Marus will investigate the cost of advertising in the local papers. The SMMUG MeetUp and website already have advertsing on them for the Joe Kissell April 7th We can use email for Board for cost approval
  4. Board meetings for the remainder of 2015 will be held at Fire Station 14

C. Programs for General Meetings

  1. February 2: Jim Johnson- OS X and IOS annoyances and how to overcome them
  2. March 3: Jim, Mark- communications (Skype, Facebook, etc)
  3. April 7: TidBITS, author Joe Kissell
  4. May 5: Bob Throldahl, Mike Marus- Power Point vs Keynote – How to use both
  5. Future topics: Excel vs Numbers (Bob, Mike), word processing, iPhoto replacement, members suggestions

Next board meeting will be at Station 14 at Dublin and N. Academy Monday February 23 at 5:30 pm.

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