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I am sure most of you (at least the ones with children) are aware of stop-motion animation. This process is what was used to create TV series like Gumby or movies like Chicken Run, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wallace and Gromit or the recently released Caroline. Maybe some of the older generation remember the (1933 version of) King Kong or all of the Ray Harryhausen movies: Jason and the Argonauts (with the classic sword fight between "live-action" men and stop-motion skeletons), The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, the 1980 version of The Clash of the Titans, etc. All of these were created using either clay or rubber models or miniature metal armatures covered in rubber. Each was moved a fraction of an inch between camera frames. When all of these frames are played in sequence it appears as if the figurine is moving about the screen.

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