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Nature Melody

Having trouble sleeping when you can't hear the sounds of nature? Try the free or $1 ad-free version of Nature Melody by Lina Elsayed. Guaranteed to make you feel like you are camping out, without the bugs.


Nature Melody — Soothing, Calming, and Relaxing Sounds to Relieve Stress and Help Sleep Better (Free) by Lina Elsayed

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Akvis NatureArt 9

In a perfect world you would be able to get that “perfect” shot/photo every time. But this isn’t a perfect world, so sometimes your photo needs a little tweaking to get the look that you want. That’s where Akvis NautreArt comes in handy. Need a rainy sky with magnificent lightning bolts - no problem.


June 2017 Newsletter

This issue includes: “FCC and Congress Work to Roll Back Net Neutrality"

Also included are:

• Club News

• Joy of Tech

• Akvis NatureArt 9 Review

Click the link below to read the Newsletter (Or Option-click on the link to download)

June Newsletter




Love fishing? Fishbox ($0-$5) is a great catch to help you manage your favorite spots. Track your personal trophy records and check out the weather, tides and moonrise for optimal catch conditions. Use Fishbox to tackle your bliss.

Fishbox- Fishing Forecast. Best Sports and Times by Yum Yum

May Board Meeting Minutes

Members are always welcome to attend Board meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes

How to Avoid a Safari Scam

With all the online scams like the Ransom Ware this May (2017), you might want to know how to avoid one of the latest scams that is hitting Mac computers, the "Virus Scan".    Our own Apple expert Mark Pimentel tells us what these scams look like when they appear, and what steps to take to not get taken. Just click on

Safari Scam - How to Avoid