How To: Presenting Hidden Features of iOS

How To: Presenting Hidden Features of iOS by ugabadmin | Sep 17, 2016 | Leaders, Members, Resources, User Group How To, User Group Meeting Materials | Many times at User Group meetings, the presenter may take time to let members ask questions or seek out tech tips or support. User Group Ambassador Rick Lantz of […]

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How To: Apple’s Clips App Review

How To: Apple’s Clips App Review by Saundra (Sandy) Foderick, Editor | Apr 17, 2017 | Leaders, Members, User Group How To, User Group Meeting Materials | Written by Rex Covington of the Apple User Group Advisory Board and Apples new clips app is like a mixture of Photo Booth, Snapchat, and a very light […]

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How-To: iCloud Sharing

How-To: iCloud Sharing by ugabadmin | Nov 19, 2017 | Leaders, Resources, User Group How To | By Rick Ortiz With the introduction of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, Apple has added some new features to iCloud Drive, offering the ability to share files. iCloud Drive is now offering sharing services similar to what […]

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March Board Meeting Minutes

Members are always welcome to attend Board meeting

Board Meeting Minutes


Home Network 2020-2-10

Jim Johnson gave a presentation on home networks. This talk covered:

  1. Available Internet services in Colorado Springs,
  2. LAN-WAN Interconnections,
  3. Wiring the home and/or Wireless,
  4. Future Providers (SpaceX, Amazon,
  5. Cellular,
  6. Access Points, modems & routers,
  7. His Home Network, and
  8. IP Addressing.

This talk would be useful to any of us working to initially setting up or improving your home network. This is number 1 in a series of talks on home networks. Check our calendar for future programs.

Slides from all the programs are available to club members under Club Page > Slides From Meetings. Viewing slides from the meeting is a nice membership privilege.

Scrivener logo

Scrivener 3

Scrivener is an program for writers of all kinds - from amateurs to professionals. It has a wide variety of features to accommodate different purposes, including novels, screenplays, academic papers and dissertations, general non-fiction, journalism, blogging, and much more. It’s a ring-binder, a scrapbook, an outliner, and a text editor.



PDFpenPro 11

PDFpenPro lets you combine and reshuffle pages, add or modify text, move, copy, resize, add or delete images, add signatures and markups, perform OCR on your scanned files, fill out and save cross-platform interactive forms, and convert web pages to PDF files.


Little Snitch 4

Little Snitch is a two-way firewall that will stop information/traffic from entering or leaving your computer.

Little Snitch

March 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes: "Three Reasons You Might Want a Home Security Camera"

Also included are:

Scrivener 3 Review

PDFpenPro 11 Review

Little Snitch 4 Review

Joy of Tech

Click the link below to read the Newsletter (Or Option-click on the link to download)

March Newsletter