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CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline

For years I have wanted to create animations, but lacked the tools to realize that dream. Plus the idea of hand drawing every frame/cell seemed like an overwhelming task. Now with CrazyTalk Animator 2, my dream has become a reality. With CrazyTalk Animator, all you have to do is pick one of the provided “actors” […]

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Luca Visual FX Light Kit

Light Kit is a set of 7 plug-ins and 2 transitions for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premier Pro, or AfterEffects. With them you can add light effects like flickering or flashing lights, multicolor gradients and vignettes. Click the link below to read the review. Luca Visual FX Light Kit

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MotionComporser is an authoring program that helps you create smooth interactive animations and then renders them as a hybrid of Flash and HTML5 code. Afterward, you simply paste these lines of code into your web pages and use an integrated FTP client to upload the content to your website. According to Aqufadas: “Motion Composer automatically […]

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TrackX & SliceX

TrackX and SliceX are plug-ins that are accessed from within Final Cut Pro X. Both TrackX and SliceX come with on-screen tools that makes it easy to quickly grab the needed tool. (more…)

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Toast 11 Pro

Since the early 2000‘s, Toast has been my go-to program for making CD and DVD archive copies of my data and my newly purchased programs. I have been thoroughly pleased with its performance over the years. Though my Toast Titanium 10 worked adequately, (more…)

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Cinemagraph Pro

How do I explain what a cinemagraph is? Well, let’s start with a definition taken from the internet: “Still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs to (small sections of) the photograph”. (more…)

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