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Get Backup logo

Get Backup Pro 3

There are all sorts of problems that can cause you to lose your important documents, all of your family photos, etc. So what is the solution? A diligent backup program.  Get Backup Pro 3

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Prizmo Logo

Prizmo Pro 4

Prizmo is a software package that turns your iPhone or your digital camera into a scanner. On top of that, it has tools that let you straighten pictures taken at an angle, and it has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools to convert your photographed or scanned images of text into editable text that can be […]

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GetBullets logo


Polaric’s GetBullets plug-in adds 30 Bullet Point and Title templates to Final Cut Pro X. They are designed to highlight and organize your information in an easy to read format. GetBullets

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Portrait Pro Studio Max logo

PortraitPro Studio Max 19

You can use PortraitPro Studio Max 19 to make photos of men and women more handsome or beautiful. It can also help remove years from our face by soothing over wrinkles, removing spots or blemishes, etc. PortraitPro Studio Max 19

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Morph Age Logo

Morph Age 5

Morph Age is a program that will Morph images together – similar to the morphing faces in Michael Jackson’s old Black and White video. In addition, Morph Age will Warp (deform) a single image – treating it like clay that can be pushed and pulled to distort its image. The resulting morph/warp can be saved […]

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GetWall Opener logo

GetWall Opener

GetWall Opener is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that you can use it to make eye-catching “Media Grid” intros for your videos. This is a wall that is covered in a grid pattern. Each grid is a “Drop Zone” where you can drop an image or video. GetWall Opener

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Scrivener logo

Scrivener 3

Scrivener is an program for writers of all kinds – from amateurs to professionals. It has a wide variety of features to accommodate different purposes, including novels, screenplays, academic papers and dissertations, general non-fiction, journalism, blogging, and much more. It’s a ring-binder, a scrapbook, an outliner, and a text editor. Scrivener

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PDFpenPro 11

PDFpenPro lets you combine and reshuffle pages, add or modify text, move, copy, resize, add or delete images, add signatures and markups, perform OCR on your scanned files, fill out and save cross-platform interactive forms, and convert web pages to PDF files. PDFpenPro

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Little Snitch 4

Little Snitch is a two-way firewall that will stop information/traffic from entering or leaving your computer. Little Snitch

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Acorn logo

Acorn 6.5.3

Acorn is a picture and image editing program that comes in at a fraction of the cost of Photoshop. Plus once you buy it – it’s yours. No subscription Acorn 6.5.3

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Sound Board logo

Sound Studio 4.9.4

Sound Studio is an audio recording and editing program. It can be use to record podcast, digitize old vinyl recordings and cassette tapes, make iPhone ringtones, and edit your recordings. It has tools to tweak levels and equalization thresholds, create mixes, and apply digital effects. Sound Studio

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PopChar logo

PopChar X 8.8

Did you know that most of your fonts contain thousands of characters, many of which are not accessible from the keyboard? PopChar X is a program that lets you see and type all of the available and hidden characters for a particular font – including HTML special characters and characters from Unicode fonts.  PopChar X […]

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Commander One Logo

Commander One 2.0

Commander One is not a Finder replacement, rather a sidekick file manager for the Mac which allows you to copy, delete, compress/uncompress files, connect to an FTP server, etc. Commander One

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Typinator Logo

Typinator 8

Is there a small or large group of words that you have to repeatedly type into your documents or emails? Would you like a way to have that block of text automatically typed for you? Then you should look into getting Typinator. Typinator helps you by quickly inserting words, phrases, or images into your document […]

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KeyCue Logo

KeyCue 9

The average application has 40 – 80 keyboard shortcuts which provide quick access to frequently used menu commands. So how’s your memory? Can you remember all of the keyboard shortcuts for all of your programs – or even for the program that you use the most? If you can, you don’t need this program. But […]

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iPhoto Library Manager

iPhoto Library Manager lets you divide your iPhoto collection among multiple iPhoto libraries or bring in multiple libraries that you have already created. Then, you can quickly switch between your iPhoto libraries. (more…)

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SEE Finance 2 Logo

SEE Finance 2

Manage and track all of the financial accounts you have including banking, credit cards, investments and others. Generate a variety of customizable reports and budget to keep your spending on target. Track and monitor your individual investments and your investment portfolio as a whole.  SEE Finance 2

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Eltima Software has recently introduced a Media downloader called VideoDuke. VideoDuke can download videos from Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitter, and Facebook, along with videos from a wide variety of other sites.   (more…)

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Akvis AirBrush 6

Akvis AirBrush comes as a standalone program and/or plugin that can be use to convert your images into AirBrushed works of art. For those of you that are not familiar with airbrusing, (more…)

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ChronoSync 4.8.5

ChronoSync is an application for macOS that is capable of backing up your data, cloning your hard drive, synchronizing files between two computers and storing redundant backups in the cloud. (more…)

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Kodak Printomatic Camera Logo

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

The Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera harkens back to the old days when you could take a picture with your Polaroid camera and it immediately printed/processed the photo. Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

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AliveColors logo


AliveColors is a full-featured graphics and photo editing program. It has been designed to support the needs and user levels from the beginner to the pro user. AliveColors

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Sparkle logo


Sparkle is a web design software operating somewhat like iWeb, the much-loved but now defunct Apple web design solution. Sparkle

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Akvis NatureArt logo

Akvis NatureArt 9

In a perfect world you would be able to get that “perfect” shot/photo every time. But this isn’t a perfect world, so sometimes your photo needs a little tweaking to get the look that you want. That’s where Akvis NautreArt comes in handy. Need a rainy sky with magnificent lightning bolts – no problem. (more…)

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Terragen 4 Logo

Terrage 4 Pro

Terragen is a program that helps you create photorealistic (real or fantasy) landscapes and planets. It has been used for visual effects in more than 30 feature films (including the last two Star Wars movies and X-Men Apocalypse) (more…)

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Has there ever been a time when you wanted to have a copy of a YouTube video so you can view it while off-line, but you had no way to copy it? Well now you can if you use Eltima Software’s Airy. Airy

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Magic Bullet Suite 13

No matter how good/expensive your video camera is, there is always going to be video footage that isn’t perfect, such as too dark, too light, grainy, etc. There will also be times when you want to do color correction on your footage.  (more…)

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Shooter Suite 13 Logo

Shooter Suite 13

Red Giant’s Shooter Suite is comprised of: PluralEyes, Offload, Frames, and Instant 4K. The Shooter Suite is designed to provide filmmakers the tools (more…)

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Elmedia Player Pro Logo

Elmedia Player Pro

Elmedia Player Pro is a media player that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. These include (but are not limited to) (more…)

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FotoMagico 5 Logo

FotoMagico Pro 5

FotoMagico is a multimedia slideshow creation application. The resulting slideshows can contain photos, videos, music, and text. FotoMagico Pro 5

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StoryBord Artist Logo

StoryBoard Artist Studio 7

StoryBoard Artist is a program that helps individuals create and print storyboards. Storyboards are sequential illustrations or images (like a comic book) that outline a scene or a script. StoryBoard Artist Studio 7

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Storyboard Pro Logo

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Storyboard gives a storyboard artist all of the tools needed to digitally create and export their storyboards. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

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Automatic Duck Media Copy

Automatic Duck Media Copy is a program that will read your Final Cut Pro 7 or X project’s XML (or Avid’s AAF) export file and then copy all of the referenced media files to the location of your choice. Why would you want this? There’s two reasons…. (more…)

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Toon Boom Harmony 12

Harmony is a full-featured animation package that Hollywood animators have been using to create TV shows (like The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, Sponge Bob Squarepants, and Bob’s Burgers) and full-fledged animated movies (like The Princess and The Frog, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Pocahontas II, and The Lion King: Simba’s Pride). In fact, […]

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Affinity Photo

If you in the market for a photo editing program or would like to get away from Adobe’s Photoshop with its unending subscription fees, then you should take a look at Affinity Photo. (more…)

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EZ Mask

Have you ever tried to extract a person/animal/item from one photo so that you can superimpose it over another photo to make it look like it/you were someplace that you never were? What a pain! Trying to select all of those uneven edges. Well that’s where EZ Mask becomes an invaluable tool. It simplifies the […]

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Shadow Type

If you would like to give your newly created video a professional look, you might start with giving it slick looking titles, chapter headings, and de- scriptions. SquidFX’s Shadow Type for Final Cut Pro X has twelve different title presets to choose from. (more…)

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Akvis Sketch 17

Akvis Sketch is a standalone program plus a Photoshop plug-in that will convert your photos into pencil sketches, charcoal, or watercolor drawings. (more…)

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Blaster Bolt

Fan Film FX has created a Star Wars themed plug-in that is compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. It is called Blaster Bolt. With it you can animate blaster (laser) bolts coming out of your model (more…)

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Saber Blade

Are you or someone in your house a Star Wars junkie? Someone who can’t get enough of Star Wars so you wish you could create your own realistic Jedi lightsaber fights? Now you can with the help of the Saber Blade plug-in (more…)

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