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Nisus 2.0.1

I used Word for letter writing and small documents. It did the job perfectly and I was happy. But things started turning south when I upgraded first to the 2001 and finally to the 2008 version. I was experiencing a wide array of problems with Word 2008. I finally said enough!!! I was then faced […]

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Scrivener logo


The other day while I was looking through the Mac App store, I came across a program called Scrivener that looked very interesting, So I went to its web site and watched all of its video tutorials. oooooooh! I was impressed!. (more…)

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BoinxTV Home

Last year I reviewed BoinxTV that lets you broadcast professional looking video interviews on the computer or Stream to the internet. I liked the program but thought that it would appeal to a limited audience because of the price – (more…)

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FotoMagico Pro

FotoMagico is an application from Boinx Software – the makers of iStopMotion and BoinxTV. What is FotoMagico? (more…)

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Have you ever suffered through a training seminar where it was difficult to follow what the presenter was trying to show on the overhead screen, e.g. “Click here, do this and slide that….”? (more…)

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Boinx FxTiles

Boinx software has created a group of 3D Filters and Transitions for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, and After Effects called: FxTiles. These plug-ins are installed using Noise Industry’s FxFactory (more…)

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