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Akvis Sketch logo

Akvis Sketch 13.5

Have you ever wanted to change a photo into a nice pencil or charcoal drawing that can be hung on the wall – but lacked the skills to convert it manually? Then check out Akvis Sketch. It will convert your photos into pencil sketches, charcoal, or watercolor drawings. Not only this, but (with the help […]

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Akvis ArtSuite logo

Akvis ArtSuite 8.0

Do you like to create your own holiday or special event postcards rather than buying them at the store? Do you like making decorative albums or personalized desktop wallpaper? Then I suggest you check out Akvis ArtSuite. With it you can surround your photos with all sorts of frames and edge effects. Click the link […]

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Akvis ArtWork logo

Akvis ArtWork 6.5

Are you an artist at heart, but lack the skills or ability to create decent artwork? Is your head full of graphic novel (comic book) plot lines that you want to tell, (more…)

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Protogo Logo

TechTool Protogo 3.0

TechTool Protogo as in “Pro To Go” is basically the same as TechTool Pro. It’s just that the Protogo version is designed to be put on a Flash or FireWire drive, SD Card, iPod or hard drive. The idea behind this is that if disaster happens, you can boot to the thumb drive etc (more…)

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Sound Bunny logo

SoundBunny 1.0

Have you ever been intently listening to a conversation, podcast, music, instructions or a game on your iMac or Macbook with your headphones or even without when suddenly some other application on your machine starts to rudely interrupt. (more…)

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TechTool Pro 6 logo

TechTool Pro 6

Crashes and problems will happen to hard drives. When they do, you will need a computer diagnostic and repair utility. TechTool Pro is a full featured diagnostic and repair utility that can check your software, hardware, (more…)

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