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You might logically ask what leaving Adobe in a huff and a podcast called This Week In Photography has to do with a Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry software review. All of these concepts merged this month in a very serendipitous collision. Of course it’s the money (some have said greed). Adobe has been been rolling in […]

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Stellar Drive Toolbox

Stellar Drive ToolBox 2.5 includes 13 tools,ranging from simple to verycomplex. I was having problems with my laptop, so I limited my review to those tools that I thought might bring some relief to the problems on my laptop, most of which involved slow performance. (more…)

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Stereo3D Toolbox 4

Stereo3D Toolbox – a powerful stereoscopic post-production plug-in that works in conjunction with Noise Industries’ (free) FxFactory program. Not only will it make the traditional Anaglyph 3D movies (that require a pair of red and blue glasses), (more…)

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CrazyTalk 7 Pro

A little while ago I was reading an article that listed MacWorld’s Best of show for 2012 programs. One of the programs intrigued me – CrazyTalk 7 Pro. I had to get it – and am I glad I did. CrazyTalk is a program that will make people, animals, and objects (more…)

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I felt conflicted about how to build web sites which tell my story – other people’s stories, tribute and commercial sites and more. I’ve done 5-6 sites of which I’m very proud. I have also built dozens of starts which were never published. For most of the “failures sites” I blamed (more…)

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SUGARfx Lens Pack

The SUGARfx Lens Pack is a group of filters for Final Cut Pro, Motion and AfterEffects. They are a twist on the norm, in that normally you want effects to improve your video. But quite a few of these are designed to degrade or alter your video. Wait! Don’t leave. There’s more – (more…)

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