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Acorn logo

Acorn 6.5.3

Acorn is a picture and image editing program that comes in at a fraction of the cost of Photoshop. Plus once you buy it – it’s yours. No subscription Acorn 6.5.3

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Sound Board logo

Sound Studio 4.9.4

Sound Studio is an audio recording and editing program. It can be use to record podcast, digitize old vinyl recordings and cassette tapes, make iPhone ringtones, and edit your recordings. It has tools to tweak levels and equalization thresholds, create mixes, and apply digital effects. Sound Studio

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PopChar logo

PopChar X 8.8

Did you know that most of your fonts contain thousands of characters, many of which are not accessible from the keyboard? PopChar X is a program that lets you see and type all of the available and hidden characters for a particular font – including HTML special characters and characters from Unicode fonts.  PopChar X […]

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Commander One Logo

Commander One 2.0

Commander One is not a Finder replacement, rather a sidekick file manager for the Mac which allows you to copy, delete, compress/uncompress files, connect to an FTP server, etc. Commander One

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Typinator Logo

Typinator 8

Is there a small or large group of words that you have to repeatedly type into your documents or emails? Would you like a way to have that block of text automatically typed for you? Then you should look into getting Typinator. Typinator helps you by quickly inserting words, phrases, or images into your document […]

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KeyCue Logo

KeyCue 9

The average application has 40 – 80 keyboard shortcuts which provide quick access to frequently used menu commands. So how’s your memory? Can you remember all of the keyboard shortcuts for all of your programs – or even for the program that you use the most? If you can, you don’t need this program. But […]

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