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PortraitPro Body Studio logo

PortraitPro Body Studio 3

PortraitPro Body Studio 3 is a full body editor that will help you shave off those extra pounds in your photos. It can be an invaluable tool for professionals. They can use it to tweak the look and shape of their models. PortraitPro Body Studio 3

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Blow Up 3

Have you ever had a time when you needed to enlarge a small photo to fit a larger frame or make it large enough to hang as a poster on the wall? Did you get the dreaded blurriness or stair-step pixelation when the image was enlarged? You aren’t alone. This is a problem for a […]

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Neat Image Logo

Neat Image 8.5

Neat Image is a program that removes digital noise from photos but leaves the details untouched. Neat Image can make images look sharper with- out degradation of image quality (which is usually inevitable with noisy images). It works with photos from cameras, scanned negative and positive films as well as scanned printed photos. Neat Image […]

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Color Finale logo

Color Finale 2

Color Finale 2 is a professional color grading and image processing plug-in for Final Cut Pro X. It was created for videographers, editors, and Colorists (both hobbyist and Pros). It contains a complete professional color tool set familiar to professional Colorists. Color Finale 2

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Akvis Chameleon Logo

Akvis Chameleon 10.3

Akvis Chameleon is a photo collage program. Though it can make a tradi- tional collage (with overlapping pho- tos), Akvis Chameleon can do much more than that. There are five differ- ent “Modes” that you can choose from – each giving you completely different results. Akvis Chameleon 10.3

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Live Home 3D logo

Live Home 3D Pro 3.8

The Live Home 3D Pro program is great tool for designing or decorating a house or a room. It allows you to quickly move from a floor plan to an interior (kitchen layout, furniture placement) or exterior (materials, windows, dormers, roof shape selections).  Live Home 3D Pro 3.8

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