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Do you love dominos but find them a bit too boring? I have found a fun, simple to learn game to play with most age groups, Qwirkle. After I tried the game with real pieces I found this $3 App to be even more handy. Full of useful hints and even offers a reasonable solo […]

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3 Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing App

Feeling stressed out by the election and life? Try the free app, 3 Minute Mindfulnes to learn relaxing techniques in small time bites. Now just keep breathing.   3 Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing App by Zenco Limited

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Do you love to tweak your shots with Photoshop curves but want more, cheaper? You might want to check out MaxCurve ($0-$4). Photo editing plus dozens of adjustments and layers to manage the effects. Easy to use even for a non-Photoshop user (like me).   MaxCurve – Curve image editor for pro photography by Xiaodong […]

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Do you get overwhelmed looking at overlapping appointments from multiple calendar sources? Future – Calendar events around the clock is an iOS & watch App ($2-free) that elegantly solves this problem. By spinning the spiral tunnel of time you can visually navigate and manage your commitments. Very handy.   Future – Calendar events around the […]

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Do you enjoy puzzles without knowing what they are suppose to look like or do? TraptionBakery ($6-free) is just that kind. No obvious instruction just a fun steampunkish pencil drawing that starts to get bits of color & move a bit randomly. If you ever picked up a stick & poked a bug just to […]

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Is that food on your plate as healthy as you think? Nutrients ($1-$10) is a full-featured iOS and watch App that allows you to search all sorts of food with an emphasis on nutritional elements. Extremely handy and supports a wide variety of domestic and international items. Happy, healthy snacking ahead.   Nutrients – Nutrition […]

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