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Old Maps Online 50x50

Old Maps Online

Do you ever wonder what an area might have looked like 50 years ago? If you love old maps check out Old Maps Online, a free iOS app. While it looks the best on an iPad, this advanced search tool lets you select a spot on the earth and review what maps are available for […]

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The Outbound 50x50

The Outbound

Love the outdoors? The Outbound is a new free iOS App that helps you find fun things to do locally you might not even know exists. Everything from extreme sports to photography and yoga spots are in their database waiting to be discovered. Why are you just sitting there? Get out there and have fun. […]

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Merlin Bird ID 50x50

Merlin Bird ID

Have you ever spotted a bird you want to identify but you know nothing of “field marks”? For basic, simple bird identification this free iOS App by the good folks at Cornell is a winner. It leads you through a series of question to narrow down the hunt. Great sound bites are include on the […]

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ERG 2012 50x50

ERG 2012

Ever wonder what those diamond shaped signs on the truck driving next to you really mean? The Emergency Response Guidebook’s (ERG) most recent version is now available as an easy to use, free iOS App. Find out what is in trucks, trains and other places and how to deal with it if it gets out. […]

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DailyArt Free 50x50

DailyArt Free

Need a small bite of art every day? Check out DailyArt Free or the Pro version ($0-$5) daily for great art and the backstory on the piece. Daily Non-fattening goodness for your head and heart.   DailyArt Free – daily dose of fine art and art history by Moiseum

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FlightAware 50x50


Want to know the real details of an airport or flight path? No fluff, just real data presented clearly for pilots and serious fliers. This is a great free iOS App that is on my essential list. -KitH   FlightAware Flight Tracker by FlightAware

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