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Community of Gardens 50x50

Community of Gardens

Love to explore gardens? Check out this new free app – just click the title.

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NewsON 50x50


Wish you could search and watch live streaming local news and weather stations without having to rummage around to find an iOS app for each? NewsON is a free, feature filled app that lets you easily find many streaming US TV feeds. None in CO, yet. Choose a station to watch local breaking news while […]

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LibriVox Icon


LibriVox Audio Books provides unlimited FREE access to over 50,000 audio books. Each audiobook can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use. The LibriVox Audio Books app features classic best sellers and out of print treasures from every genre of literature.  Free – available in the App Store. LibriVox

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Do you love to tweak your shots with Photoshop curves but want more, cheaper? You might want to check out MaxCurve ($0-$4). Photo editing plus dozens of adjustments and layers to manage the effects. Easy to use even for a non-Photoshop user (like me).   MaxCurve – Curve image editor for pro photography by Xiaodong […]

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Enlight 50x50


“The best all-in-one photo editor provides powerful tools that are easy to use.” – Apple, Inc.  Need a quick and easy to use photo enhancement app that isn’t just a one trick pony? Try Enlight ($0-$6) for a wide range of photo needs. Fast, simple and elegant results.   Enlight by Lightricks Ltd.

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Nature Melody 50x50

Nature Melody

Having trouble sleeping when you can’t hear the sounds of nature? Try the free or $1 ad-free version of Nature Melody by Lina Elsayed. Guaranteed to make you feel like you are camping out, without the bugs.   Nature Melody — Soothing, Calming, and Relaxing Sounds to Relieve Stress and Help Sleep Better (Free) by […]

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American Almanac of Astronomy and Weather 50x50

Almanac of Astronomy & Wx

When did you stop buying paper versions of Almanacs? If you liked to browse it to check when it was time to plant your vegetables, even if you didn’t plant any, we may have an app for you. American Almanac of Astronomy and Weather ($0-$11) is a lovely astronomy centered nod to the Almanacs of […]

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River Data 50x50

River Data

Curious about water levels in your local river or even across the country? River Data ($0-$2 and lite version) is an easy to navigate tool to see current data, charts and history of thousands of river gauges   River Data by Fizzy Artwerks

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Google Street View 50x50

Google Street View

Do you love 360 camera views of all sorts of places? Google Street View, a free app, is a way to view or even share some amazing 360 view shots. Wander the globe to look up in sky, down at the ground and everywhere in between. Get out of your bubble and into a new […]

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Weather Gods 50x50

Weather Gods

Do you wish you could see complex weather conditions and forecasts using data visualization techniques? Weather Gods by Meyume Ltd ($0-$4) may be an elegant tool to meet your desires. Not just for yoga instructors, this iOS app brings the weather engine under Dark Sky to a broader audience. Breath in. Weather Gods by Meyume […]

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Recolor 50x50


Is your guilty pleasure coloring books? Guilty as charged. Recolor (free but many $ upgrades available) is a relaxing and easy to use adult coloring book. Tons of free included complex pictures and effects.   Recolor – Coloring Book For Adults by Sumoing Ltd

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Yelp Eat24 50x50

Yelp Eat24

Do you have a stack of takeout menus in your kitchen? Toss them & use Yelp Eat24, the free app from Yelp that is all about takeout & pickup meals, wherever you are. Fast and tasty.   Yelp Eat24 – Order Food Delivery & Takeout by Yelp

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Uzu 50x50


Do you love to run your fingers thru water to create ripples? You will love the soothing effects and beautiful designs created by Uzu ($0-$3).   Uzu – A Generative Design Playground by Colordodge Labs

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SamCard 50x50


Too much business card clutter, and can’t find the one you need? This app will take a photo of the card, digitize the info, and put the info in your Apple contacts list.  I am using the free version thus far, and it works well. A Macworld review of this app and four other like […]

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Universal Zoom 50x50

Universal Zoom

How big is really big and how small is really small? Universal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances ($0-$4) is a fun educational app that addresses this universally asked question with images, real data and a dash of sly humor (just how big is a Death Star). A serious expansion of the classic power of […]

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Cockpit360 50x50


Are you an aviation fan? Cockpit360° is a free app that gives you complete 360 degree views of the inside of hundreds of historic aircrafts in a wide range of museums and less accessible locations.   Cockpit360° by Aerocapture Images

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Love fishing? Fishbox ($0-$5) is a great catch to help you manage your favorite spots. Track your personal trophy records and check out the weather, tides and moonrise for optimal catch conditions. Use Fishbox to tackle your bliss. Fishbox- Fishing Forecast. Best Sports and Times by Yum Yum

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Metronome M1 50x50

Metronome M1

Love to create and play music but wish you had a serious metronome with you? Now you do. This simple but feature rich app, Metronome M1 ($0-$2) can always be at the ready. A lot more than .. And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4.     Metronome M1 by […]

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Matcha 50x50


Do you find you use your mail program to create and share simple, fast notes and document? You might like Matcha Word Processor, originally called Matcha 3.1 ($1-$15). A very low stress word processor designed to get out of your way. With a Zen philosophy this simple, but subtly sophisticated app hides a powerful toolbox […]

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Filmborn 50x50


Do you wish you were working with real physical film when you shoot an image or movie? Filmborn is a free App that opens that door and lets you learn and play with the amazing variety of real film tools in real time. Serious fun.   Filmborn by Mastin Labs Inc.

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WrappingCloth 50x50


Do you love Furoshiki, the art of wrapping gifts with cloth? The Apps, WrappingCloth and WrappingCloth HD for iPads ($1 each) show you in excellent detail the steps. Even a rock in a box looks good this way.   WrappingCloth by Gloding Inc.

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Cosmic Top 50x50

Cosmic Top

Love old SciFi music and special effects? Cosmic Top ($0-$2) is a fun little App that creates a little spinning whirlwind in your hand. A nice distraction.   Cosmic Top by Cool Bear Studios LLC

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Ocarina 50x50


Need to smile? Ocarina by Smule is one of the first Apps I bought for my iPhone (free-$2). I still makes me smile. Blow into your iPhone & make it sound like, what we used to call, a potato whistle. Much calmer than Cowbells.   Ocarina by Smule

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Dragonfly and Damselfly Field Guide 50x50

Dragonfly and Damselfly Field Guide

The Dragonfly ID app is a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource to find and identify dragonflies and damselflies across the US and Canada. Dragonfly and Damselfly Field Guide and ID App by Birds In The Hand, LLC

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ColorSnap Visualizer

Do you have a painting project ahead? ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams is a handy, free App, especially the HD version for iPads. Like an smart eye dropper it can spot the colors in your shot of that room crying out for an update. Lots of other useful features for saving money & eyesight.   ColorSnap® […]

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Color Spatioplotter

Do you yearn to truly understand the relationships of the colors in your shots? While Color Spatioplotter ($0-$2) seems to be a very geeky niche app, I have found the spinning cube of color relationships useful in color inspiration for my art work. You might even have a bit of fun while learning more about […]

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Do you love dominos but find them a bit too boring? I have found a fun, simple to learn game to play with most age groups, Qwirkle. After I tried the game with real pieces I found this $3 App to be even more handy. Full of useful hints and even offers a reasonable solo […]

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3 Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing App

Feeling stressed out by the election and life? Try the free app, 3 Minute Mindfulnes to learn relaxing techniques in small time bites. Now just keep breathing.   3 Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing App by Zenco Limited

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Do you get overwhelmed looking at overlapping appointments from multiple calendar sources? Future – Calendar events around the clock is an iOS & watch App ($2-free) that elegantly solves this problem. By spinning the spiral tunnel of time you can visually navigate and manage your commitments. Very handy.   Future – Calendar events around the […]

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Do you enjoy puzzles without knowing what they are suppose to look like or do? TraptionBakery ($6-free) is just that kind. No obvious instruction just a fun steampunkish pencil drawing that starts to get bits of color & move a bit randomly. If you ever picked up a stick & poked a bug just to […]

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Is that food on your plate as healthy as you think? Nutrients ($1-$10) is a full-featured iOS and watch App that allows you to search all sorts of food with an emphasis on nutritional elements. Extremely handy and supports a wide variety of domestic and international items. Happy, healthy snacking ahead.   Nutrients – Nutrition […]

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Climendo Basic

Are you a weather App collector like I Am? Climendo Basic (free) aggregates information from 8+ different services and statistically reports the reliability and best forecast for you. Interesting company and approach with more complex Apps in the wind. Climendo Basic – Compare forecasts by Climendo AB

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The Congressional Record

Do you want to know what really is going on in Congress? Read and search the records for yourself. The Congressional Record by Library of Congress is a free App that puts the power to decide in your hand.   The Congressional Record by Library of Congress

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PokéFind for Pokémon GO

Do you play Pokémon GO? If you want a bit of exercise you might try it but if you really want to catch rare Pokémons try PokéFind (free – $2). Crowdsourced mapping of the rare beasties for miles around you.   PokéFind for Pokémon GO by Poke Find  

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Essence 50x50


Need help relaxing? Essence — Breathing Relaxation by Rudolf Adamkovic is a one trick pony App (free-$5) that does one thing really well, breathing control to help you mindfully control your stress. Handy   Essence — Breathing Relaxation by Rudolf Adamkovic

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HISTORY Here 50x50


Love the History Channel? Add this free App, HISTORY Here, to your iPad, iPhone (and Apple Watch). Learn all about the fascinating and historical places that surround you. Thousands of locations and tours await your tap. No more slowing down to read the historic markers. – KitH.   HISTORY Here by A&E Television Networks Mobile

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Prisma 50x50


Wish you turn your photo shots into a Picasso? Prisma is a free, fast, smart image filter for iOS. Take a new or existing shot, select pre-defined filters based on contemporary artists or styles and boom! Prepare to be impressed. Thank Tom Harrington for the hint.   Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for […]

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This by Tinrocket 50x50

This by Tinrocket

Wish you could simply annotate your picture before you send it to someone? This by Tinrocket ($1-$2) is the App you have been looking for. Pick or take a photo. Point where you want to make a comment & type. Tweak colors or text if you like. Save or send and you are done. Could […]

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SpotCrime+ 50x50


Curious about crime activity in an area? SpotCrime+ is a free iOS app that can zoom into a neighborhood to display a map and data on publicly recorded criminal activity. Really useful when checking out neighborhoods you may be visiting or looking at for a move.   SpotCrime+ by ReportSee Inc.

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Radiooooo 50x50


Pick a country, decade since 1900 and a music style and what would you have hear on the radio? This unusual free app (iPhone & iPad versions) will whisk your ears away to strange places. Listing to My Blue Heaven from a 20’s recording in Japaneese – it even documents the source album   Radiooooo […]

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