Board Meeting Minutes – June 2014

All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. Email Gerry Simonson at for the location. The June meeting was called to order on Monday, June 23rd at 6:05 PM.


President Gerry Simonson Present
Vice Pres. Mark Griffith Present
Treasurer Skip Mundy Present
Secretary Jean Marsh Absent
Director Jeff Jensen Absent
Director Ralph Woodard Absent
Director Joe Staten Present via telecon
Director Mark Pedri Present
Director Kit Harras Present via FaceTime
Director Jim Johnson Absent
Director Mike Marus Present
Key Volunteers
Newsletter Laurrell Davenport Present
Member Ron Davenport Present
Door Prize Bruce Wisz
SIG Mark Pimentel


1.  Approval of Minutes of May 19, 2014, SMMUG Board Meeting.  The minutes were approved as written and posted.

2. Treasurer’s Report. 68 members. There is $3056.33 in the SMMUG bank account and $159.55 in SMMUG PayPal account.

3.  Current Business.  Review of plans for the remaining 2014 SMMUG meetings:

a.  July 1st SMMUG Meeting - Mark Pimentel will present insights on Mavericks at our regular July SMMUG meeting.

b.  July 12th  SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover iBooks at our regular July SIG meeting.

c.  August 5th SMMUG Meeting - The Tim Gill Center has returned our check for the last six months of the calendar year citing that it can no longer support SMMUG meetings at the Center. The July meeting and Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting will continue as planned and will be free to SMMUG, however we will need to find an alternate location for our meetings starting in August (See section 3.b following). Because of this, we need to find an alternate venue for our August Pizza Party.

Action Item: Gerry Simonson will check into the cost and availability of Bambino’s restaurant. Mark Griffith will check the cost and availability of Fargo’s Pizza. Skip Mundy will check the availability of BJ’s restaurant. Mark Pedri will check the availability of Old Chicago’s. Gerry Simonson checked with Bambino’s and there is a separate room we can use and we pay for pizza and drinks. Mark Griffith checked with Fargo’s and there is no separate room, just open seating and we pay for the pizza and drinks.   Gerry presented the option of Bambino’s to the membership at the July 1, 2014 meeting and the consensus was to go to Bambino’s for our August pizza party. Status: CLOSED.

d. August 9th SIG Meeting – The Board determined because of the uncertainty of meeting location, there will be no August SIG.

e.  September 2nd SMMUG Meeting - Skip Mundy will demonstrate how we can put together our own website complete with photographs, video, blogs and , social media with Sandvox, which is compatible with popular browsers and our various devices.

f.  September 13th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover iTunes.

g.  October 7th SMMUG Meeting – There will be a panel discussion on E-Readers. At least three of the major e-readers for iOS will be covered: iBook (Mike Marus), Nook (Skip Mundy), and Kindle (Mark Griffith).

h.  October 11th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover iPhoto.

i.  November 4th SMMUG Meeting - Rich Voelker and company will present their traditional Christmas shopping tips.

Action Item: Gerry Simonson will follow-up with Rich to confirm his participation at the November meeting. Status: OPEN.

j.  November 8th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover Safari.

k.  December 2nd SMMUG Meeting - This meeting will include election of SMMUG officers and Board members for 2015.  Gerry asked Skip to provide a list of current members so the Board can solicit volunteers to be part of the 2015 SMMUG Board.

Action Item: Skip Mundy to provide the Board with a list of current members.  Skip e-mailed the list of current members to Board on 20 May. Status: CLOSED.

Action Item: The Board will ask individuals if they are willing to serve on the 2015 SMMUG Board. Status: OPEN.

In addition, the Board suggested having Blue Star recycle be present at our Dec 2nd SMMUG meeting in order to offer recycling of hardware no longer needed by users.

Action Item: Gerry Simonson took an action to contact Blue Star Recycling to see if they can attend the meeting. Gerry made initial contact and will follow-up via e-mail to confirm Blue Star’s attendance. Status: OPEN.

l.  December 13th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel or Mike Marus will cover the Finder.

m.  Future Meeting Topics - Possible topics include Colorado State Vacation Guide by Miles Media, iOS 8, useful apps for travel, peripheral hardware used with Macs/iOS devices, “the Cloud”.

4.   New Business:

a. Shop for a Cause. Mark Griffith introduced a potential fund raiser for SMMUG. Macy’s is sponsoring an event on August 23, 2014 at Macy’s stores called “Shop for a Cause”. The way it works is that Macy’s will supply discount coupons for the event that non-profits can sell for $5.00 each. The buyer receives 25% off on purchases with the exception of electronics, which will be discounted 10%. The proceeds of the discount coupon sales go directly to SMMUG. The Board concurred with contacting Macy’s to participate in the program.

b. Review of SMMUG Meeting Location - Questions has been raised about our current meeting location for SMMUG and SIG meetings.  On several occasions meetings were canceled or delayed because Center staff was not available to unlock the building.  The Tim Gill Center also has not had an operable audio system.  In response to our queries, the Tim Gill Center stated they can no longer accommodate our needs after July 2014 and offered to provide us the space for the July meeting and SIG meeting free of charge. After some discussion, the Board agreed to bring the issue to the membership and ask for volunteers to form a committee to search for an alternate location for both the monthly meetings and the SIGs starting in September 2014 and going forward.

Action Item: Ask the membership for volunteers to form a committee to research and provide recommendations to the Board. At the July 1, 2014 meeting, the following members will form the committee: John Parisi, Ron Davenport, Mike Marus, Bob Binder, David Sellers, Sr. Status: CLOSED.

Some of the potential meeting locations include:

(1)  Nature Center Media Rooms - both Bear Creek and Fountain Creek.

(2)  Colorado Parks & Wlldlife on Sinton Rd, just off I-25 & Garden of the Gods.

(3)  Pikes Peak Library District.

Information Needed:  The following information is needed to help the SMMUG Board make an informed decision:

(1) Name, address, & phone # of the place and the point of contact you spoke to.

(2) Is Wi-Fi available? Is Ethernet available so we could plug our Wi-Fi router into?

(3) Is there a suitable sound system? What is the number of microphone(s) available? Is a projector available?

(4) The number of tables, chairs, and people that can be accommodated?

(5) Is the facility physically impaired accessible?

(6) Cost for both General Meeting and SIGs?

(7) Availability of the location for one weekday night/month, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM and one Saturday/month from 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM? Are other times available if the primary times are not available?

(8) Can we reserve the same times/location for the remainder of 2014 and for the calendar year 2015?

Action Item: Gerry Simonson will present the need for the committee at the next SMMUG meeting on July 1, 2014. Status: CLOSED.

Action Item: The Board will confirm the committee chair after volunteers step forward. Status: OPEN pending the committee’s recommendation(s) to the Board at the July 28, 2014 SMMUG Board meeting.

Ron Davenport took the initiative to contact the Colorado Springs Senior Center and provided the information to the Board in an e-mail dated June 27, 2014. Thanks to Ron for being proactive.

5. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM. The next SMMUG board meeting is scheduled for July 28, 2014, location is TBD.

Minutes submitted by Mark Griffith.

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