Board minutes for May 2012

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on May 31, 2012

President Kit Harras called the Board meeting to order at 5:30. The roll was taken, and those present and absent are as shown. Board members are asked to read and coordinate and corrections or changes with the Club Secretary before the Board meeting. 



President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Secretary Jean Marsh


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Prize Chair Judi Franklin


Director Mark Griffith


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri


Director Joe Staten


Member Adrian Kaiser



APPROVAL OF LAST MEETING MINUTES:  Minutes from last month’s Board meeting were approved as posted on the Website.


Membership:  66 paid members
Club Bank Balance: $4,270.31
Pay Pal amount: 

 A. Old Business

 1. Meeting agendas for the next few months.

June: Mike will do a presentation on iCloud. With the WiFi problems at the center, Mike will do his best to present without the need of an internet connection. Also covered will be other options such as Drop box, Sugar synch, Sky drive. iCloud is needed to synch all ones various devices. It works with Snow Leopard and Lion.

  People at the tables, subjects will be:
a) Kit = mobile phone, IOS
b) Jim Johnson = Mac OSX
c) Ralph  = BUG (Basic User Group)
d) Jeff Jensen = iPhoto
e) Doug= Communication, Bandwidth.

July:  Finance, iBank, Mint
August: our annual pizza party and robots

Future Possibilities: Ergonomics, Relax the Back will be approached about giving a presentation.

Inquires will be made if anyone acquired tickets and went to the presentation of Mountain Lion and would like to enlighten us.

Cell phone usage: Companies are doing away with their unlimited usage plans. Knowing how to monitor our usage is important. Watching sports, movies  or gaming can burn through lots of usage.

Jim Johnson can put together a program on home automation.

2. BEAN:  A word processor for OSX, it is free and designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable.

3. Network at the Sr. Center:  The center has fixed the network problems. The sound system is good, much easier to work with. There is still some WiFi   difficulties with the system being over loaded and dropping connection. Possible all the cell phones in the room as well as the individual iPads and MacBooks. Even the SIG meeting is experiencing problems. A sniffer will be brought in to try and track down the problem so the center can be notify their IT man.

4. Door Prizes: Kit has it covered and Jim will pick up additional items if needed. People are welcome to return items that they find they can’t use so they can be given at future meetings.

5. Meet Up: Kit and Jim will meet before the next meeting and get our involvement going. It was noted recently that there is an iPad group in town. We should be involved in it.

6. Face Book: “Like us” will be added to our web page and if people will “friend us” they will receive notices of SMMUG events.  

7. SMMUG DROPBOX: Jeff and Ralph will get Kit what she needs to open a SMMUG Dropbox. 2g will provide good upload and download speeds.

8. Web Site: The remaining space on the space bar is already spoken for so “Log In” is under CLUB PAGE. It can be moved up the list to make it more obvious if required.

An announcement will be made at the general meeting to send Jeff comments or suggestions concerning the Web Site.

A spam filter has been installed, we are still receiving a bit which will be worked on.

Authors would like to add “comments” to receive feedback.

Join email will be added so people whom choose can receive notices.

A calendar is planned for the web site too.

9. The Griffith Center for Children: They contacted Mark and promised to get back to him when school is out and they have the time.

10. No mention has been made of our use of the Apple as part of our newsletter header.

11. Ralph will pick up outstanding nametags before the next meeting for our non- paid members. We don’t want them to go unnoticed.

B. New Business

1. Classes: Create several member only classes to encourage paid membership and attract younger Mac users. May present classes through Pillar or the Senior Center. and other Mac groups may give us ideas to pursue. Write up a business proposal.

C. Around the Table

1.  Google is eliminating ones privacy.

NEXT MEETING:    WHEN: June 28, 2012  @  5:30pm.  WHERE:  Will be included in agenda for next meeting

ADJOURN @ 6:55


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