Board Meeting notes for June

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on July 5, 2012 (a held-late June meeting)

President Kit Harras called the Board meeting to order at 5:00. The roll was taken, and those present and absent are as shown. Board members are asked to read and coordinate and corrections or changes with the Club Secretary before the Board meeting.




President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Secretary Jean Marsh


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Prize Chair Judi Franklin


Director Mark Griffith


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri


Director Joe Staten


Member Adrian Kaiser



APPROVAL OF LAST MEETING MINUTES:  Minutes from last month’s Board meeting were approved as posted on the Website.



Membership:  69 paid members

Club Bank Balance: $4,573.55
Pay Pal amount: $125.00


A.    Old Business


1.      July:  There will be 3 financial available apps reviewed after a Q & A session.


August: The annual pizza party and a demonstration of robots. Kit will be in charge of the robot. Mark Pedri will advise us at the next board meeting how the pizzas will be taken care of.


September: In light of the recent Waldo Canyon fire evacuation how do we include the computer in our emergency preparedness plans in the future?


October: Mountain Lion will be out at the end of July.


November: Rich Voelker

 2.     Kit has taken care of the club joining Meet Up. We have already noted a couple of new members. Here is the web address.

 3.     B.U.G.: This month will be a Q & A session so no table will be put out. No new updates to add.  

 4.     If we experience any trouble at this evenings meeting with the sound system then be sure Kit is made aware of it. We may need to consider bringing our own speakers and/or sound system equipment?

 5.     Web site authors, when adding to the new site be sure to uncheck Track backs and Ping backs.

 6.     Griffith Center School: we are still waiting for them to get back to us. Concern is that they will put it off until time for school to start and there will just not be time then.  

 7.     The iDisk is dead and has been taken care of.

 B. New Business

 1.     Publicity: So far no one has stepped forward to take on this task for the club. It entails the monthly copy and paste of notification of our meeting and agenda to each of the various local papers such as the Colorado Springs Independent, Black Forest News, Fountain Valley News, Monument Tribune and others. The suggestion was made to divide the task among several individuals so as not to burden anyone individual.

 2.     The club’s projector is in need of repair. In the past it has been available for use by paid club members. The consensus was that it should be taken in for repairs.

 3.     Newsletter: Jeff has received several inquires concerning access to archived newsletters. Jeff is working on making the last 11 or so issues available under the members access section.

 C. Around the Table

 1.  Inquire to be made at the meeting concerning members that may have been affected by the Waldo Canyon fire.

 NEXT MEETING:    WHEN: July 26, 2012  @ 5:30pm.
WHERE:  To be announced

ADJOURN @ 6:00 pm

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