Board Meeting Minutes October 2014

SMMUG Board Meeting Minutes from the October 27, 2014

The election of directors and officers for SMMUG 2015 will be held at the December 2nd meeting.  If you want to change the club and help the club in 2015, now is your chance.  All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. Email Gerry Simonson at for the location of the next Board Meeting. The October meeting was called to order on Monday, October 27th at 5:40 PM.


President Gerry Simonson Present
Vice Pres. Mark Griffith Present
Treasurer Skip Mundy Present
Secretary Jean Marsh Present
Director Jeff Jensen Present via FaceTime
Director Ralph Woodard Absent
Director Joe Staten Absent
Director Mark Pedri Present
Director Kit Harras Present via FaceTime
Director Jim Johnson Absent
Director Mike Marus Present
Key Volunteers
Newsletter Laurrell Davenport Present
Member Ron Davenport Present
Door Prize Bruce Wisz Present
SIG Mark Pimentel Absent


  1. Approval of Minutes of September 29th, 2014, SMMUG Board Meeting. The minutes were posted on October 16, 2014, reviewed, corrections were made and the minutes approved as posted.
  1. Treasurer’s Report. 67 members. There is $3,659.44 in the SMMUG bank account and $83.52 in SMMUG PayPal account.
  1. Current Business.

3.1 Some questions and concerns brought up by Jeff Jensen.

a.  SMMUG projector – keep, repair, send to goodwill or sell? (Joe Staten comment: The “donate to” should be the last resort. Club members should have first shot. Kit Harras brought up an idea regarding “try before you buy”. Joe Staten had sent in a suggestion that if the club was to donate it was suggested it is better to support a Veterans’ organizations or Salvation Army as their administrative overhead percentages are low.

b. Bag of spares, sort thru, or give away? Sell stuff? There is a lot of good stuff in there, but no use in Jeff’s basement.

Action: Jeff will bring to the SIG meeting. Kit had tested and bagged useful items for the clubs future use. Gerry Simonson will do research and label the various pieces.

c.  Swap meet at December SIG rather than the General Meeting at the library. Jeff Jensen was not certain if this word reached Mike Marus and Mark Pimentel. Mike Marus was present at this Board Meeting and will take the information to Mark Pimentel.

d. Reserve places for General Meeting and SIGs for next year. Gerry Simonson has reserved the Carnegie Room through February 2015.

The General Meetings will be held in the Carnegie Reading Room in Penrose Library, 20 N. Cascade Ave.

Action: Gerry Simonson will call the library and reserve the additional months allowed to bring it out to six months. He will also make note of the contact name and number for the future Board to have.

The SIG meetings are held in the Community Room at the Fire Station, 6830 Hadler View. The Community room at the Fire Station is reserved through August 2015.

3.2 Review of plans for the remaining 2014/2015 SMMUG meetings:

a.   The Q&A at the start of the meeting each month is still in effect. Better than tables as everyone can benefit from hearing the questions and answers. It didn’t happen last month to allow for the library representative to present information about the library which members might have found useful.

b.   November 4th General Meeting: 6:00p.m. Club business will include nominations of officers and Board Members for 2015. Rich Voelker and company will handle the Q&A session at the beginning of the meeting and then discuss Apples iWatch, iOS 8, iPhone 6, and OS X, plus cover Christmas shopping tips.

c.   November SIG: Mike Marus will cover Safari on iOS devices at 10:00a.m. and on desktops at 11:00a.m.

d.  December General Meeting:

Club business will include the election of new officers and Board Members for 2015. Nominations will stop at 7:00 p.m. Voting will commence with the majority rule.

Action: Jeff Jensen will contact Mark Pimentel to see if he will cover Yosemite at this meeting.

Action: Mark Griffith will draft an announcement concerning the election that will be posted to the webpage and sent out as an email blast.

e. December SIG: Mark Pimentel will go over a conglomeration of subjects that had not been covered yet. Also this SIG meeting will provide the opportunity for members to bring and exchange Apple/Macintosh hardware and/or software products (Swap Meet)

f.  January General Meeting: A panel made up of Jeff Jensen, Skip Mundy, and Mark Griffith to discuss travel apps to help us plan our trips and vacations.

g.  Inquire what the audience members would like to see presented in 2015 during meetings, in email blasts, on the webpage and in the newsletters. What might they like to know more about.

h.  Office 365: The same as the Office that we know but better. This is presented on line as a useful app for business applications.

i. Bruce Wisz will coordinate with Skip Mundy to obtain a club credit card to use for the prize purchases. The monthly prize budget will be set at $75.00. January will include a refurbished 16 gig wifi iPad.

4. New Business:
a.Gerry Simonson took a poll for canidates for 2015 SMMUG Board of Directors with the following results:

Name y/n Director Pres. VP Secretary Treasurer Other
Mark Griffith Y Yes
Skip Mundy Y Yes
Jean Marsh N
Jeff Jensen Y Yes Web site
Mark Pedri N
Kit Harras N
Jim Johnson Y
Mike Marus Y Yes
Bruce Wisz Y Prize Chair
Bob Throldahl Y
Gerry Simonson Y Yes
Gerry Prescott
L. Davenport Y Newsletter
Ron Davenport Y Yes

Action: Gerry Simonson will contact those on the list to inquire if they would serve on the board in 2015 and Mark Griffith will contact John Parisi to ask if he would serve as our election committee chairperson.

Status: Open

a.  FYI: SIG has a charter.

b. Apple customer service is awesome but there are problems that they have been unable to solve. Are people willing to pay for Apple Support?

c.The meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM. The next SMMUG board meeting is scheduled for November 24th, 2014. The location is TBD.

Minutes submitted by Jean Marsh.

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