Board Meeting Minutes – Oct. 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:40 p.m.  Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.  Board Members are asked to review and approve last months minutes on the website. Minutes from last month’s minutes were approved as posted.



President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Secretary Jean Marsh


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mark Griffith


Director Joe Staten


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri


Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor                  Laurell Davenport

Special Interest Group         Gerry Simonson

Special Interest Group         Mike Marus

Door Prize Coordinator      Judi Franklin

Treasury Report

Membership:  75 paid members, Club Bank Balance: $3,358.13, Pay Pal amount: $100.00 +



Nov. 1  Meeting – Apple Christmas

The Pros from Voelker Research will give us an overview of all the new 2012 Apple devices, and will provide us a list of items to buy for our loved ones for Christmas. iPads are a big hit. Always an excellent show! Mark Griffin has checked with Voelker Research concerning door prizes. A budget of $300.00 has been set and Jim Johnson will coordinate with Mark about obtaining them.

Dec. 6 Meeting – Election’s are coming!

This meeting will be held in the C.D. Smith room, which is located in the far N.W. corner of the building.

Elections for 2013 SMMUG Officers and Board of Director Members will be held as part of our SMMUG Corporate meeting which will be completed as part of the Corporate meeting that will start at 7:00 p.m. All positions are open. Members vote once for each open position. You can cast your vote by e-mail before the General Meeting with Joe Schaefer or in person at the General Meeting by 6:30 p.m.

PS: We also need many volunteers for small tasks for next year. So, if you enjoy SMMUG, ask what you can do to help. Thanks!

In addition to elections it was suggested that a casual atmosphere with refreshments of cookies and cider would be appropriate to the season and possible the members bringing their IOS devises to try things they may or may not be using.

Door prize status  With Jim Johnson adding selected items for the November meeting and what we have currently in reserve we are pretty well set for door prizes for the remainder of the year.

Wednesday night Board Meeting. It was agreeable to all present that meeting on Wednesday night for the time being is fine.

Web page. Jeff Jensen reports that the newsletter is performing well. He is working on two additions. One is a calendar to which events can be posted to by individuals and the second is a blog as an on going conversation platform.

Survey for 2013        

What topics should we begin considering for our meetings in 2013? And what is the best way to get feedback from our membership. From past experience emailed surveys have not brought the needed response. Kit Harras suggested a white board at the general meeting with suggestions listed that people could put a mark indicating their interest. A few subjects were suggested, IOS devices, ancestor researching, how to find appropriate apps, and subjects that would move members from fear to power users.


Club Sponsorship

Jean Marsh asked why we are not allowed to mention SMMUG when in the Mac Superstore or in the Apple store. We as a club purchase door prizes and as individuals make purchases and attend their classes so we are their patrons and pose no threat. It was determined that we need to check the By-laws to ascertain if we can have additional sponsors and what would need to be in a proposal to them.   

Yearly club dues

Club has expenses such as the room at the Senior Center so dues of $25.00 for the year are important. In the past members have been allowed to pay quarterly which is not an efficient method of keeping track. Jim Johnson will check the Bi-laws before the next Board Meeting. He proposes to clean up the current bookkeeping method and set systems in place that will monitor members dues throughout the year whether they are paid at the meeting by check or cash or paid on line and notifications will be sent out by email.

Newsletter hard copy

In years past the newsletter was created and sent out through the mail. Kit Harras remembers this was a very laborious task and of course incurred certain expense. The question remains would our members prefer to receive a printed version now? Jeff Jensen and Skip Mundy will have say half a dozen copies of the newsletter ready for the next meeting. Members can pick one up and leave a donation. This will help us determine if there is a preference among our members in receiving a hard copy.


A volunteers needed

Each month the various papers around the area such as the Colorado Springs Independent, Westside Pioneer, Black Forest News, need to be notified of our meeting and its topic. We need volunteers to place SMMUG meeting announcements in the free places in these papers.

Hybrid SIG  

There was a good response to the iPad class that Kit Harras taught recently. What about starting up a hybrid SIG group during the week that would be available to those who would like to learn more about their devises and may have transportations problems on the weekend or at night.

30 Year T- Shirts

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of SMMUG the t-shirts could be made available by order on line. Plus we may want to have some available at meetings.

Our next Board Meeting will be held on:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012, the location to be announced.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:45 p.m. 

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