Board Meeting Minutes – Nov. 2012

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on November 28, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:30 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below. Board Members are asked to refer to last months minutes on the website.

Minutes from last months minutes were approved as posted..



President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Treasurer Jim johnson


Secretary Jean Marsh


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mark Griffith


Director Joe Staten


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri


Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor               Laurell Davenport

Special Interest Group       Gerry Simonson

Special Interest Group       Mike Marus

Door Prize Coordinator      Judi Franklin


Membership:  84 paid members, (3 new members)

Club Bank Balance: $3,051.44

Pay Pal amount: $140.00 +

A.   Old Business

December 6 Meeting – Elections, IOS Devices  

This meeting will be held in the C.D. Smith room, which is located in the far N.W. corner of the building.  The election will be held as part of our SMMUG Corporate meeting at the Senior Center.



Vice President



And up to ten (10) Board Members

To nominate someone via email (again - yourself too), simply send an email to Joe Schaefer, our Election Chairperson.  Joe will accept nominations from all current members. Joe Schaefer's e-mail is " ".  

You may nominate someone (including yourself) in person by 6:30 PM, at the General Meeting December 6, 2012. Please ask them if they are willing to serve before you nominate them.


Voting will be completed as part of the corporate meeting which will start at 7:00 pm.  Members vote once for each open position. You can cast your vote by e-mail before the General Meeting or in person at the General Meeting on December 6th.

PS: We also need many volunteers for small tasks for next year. So, if you enjoy smmug ask a Board member what you can do to help. Thanks!


Elections went well.

New Officers for the Coming year 2013 are:

President is Kit Harras

Vice President is Mark Griffith

Treasurer is Jim Johnson

Secretary is Jean March

Directors at Large are

Ralph Woodard

Joe Staten

Jeff Jensen

Doug McNutt

Skip Mundy

Mike Marus

Mark Pedri

Any amendment to the bylaws is usually held at this meeting. Nothing has been brought to our attentions so far but could be at the meeting.

The public corporate address on the web site is our P.O. Box but the official address as listed with the state of Colorado is Ralph Woodard’s address.

The remainder of the program will be about IOS devises such as iPads and iPhones. Kit Harras and Mark Pimentel will present various key features of these devises, how to set preferences, as well as apps we may find useful and/or fun in everyday life. Please bring your IOS devices to share. Cider and cookies will help set the mood for the evening.

 January 3 Meeting – Automator

Jim Johnson will introduce us to Otto our Automator which is our personal automation assistant, making repetitive tasks easier with much less hassle. For example with Automator, you use a simple drag-and-drop process to create and run “automation recipes” that perform simple or complex tasks for you, when and where you need them such as in photography, music or file management applications. There are hundreds of built in actions.

Future Meetings

Jim Johnson has contacted Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost Now at who has graciously agreed to come south and present a program for us at our May 2nd meeting.

Another program to be presented by Adrian Kaiser this summer is a look at audio note taking apps, dictating email messages, and voice memos on our phones that can also be shared in emails or messages. Various programs work on our computers, IOS devices and even in our cars now.

Door prize status / Dues

To encourage members to get their dues paid for 2013 either at the December meeting or no later than January. the door prize drawing for December will have several particularly enticing items one of which is an Apple TV. A motion was posed and seconded for one of the January drawing prizes to include an iPad Mini.

Senior Center Status

The rooms for both the 1st Thursday General Meeting and the SIG meetings have been reserved for another year and the lease paid for 6 months.

Social Media, Web Page

 The web page is fine. There is an ongoing discussion concerning things for active members only as added incentive to pay the yearly dues. At the December and January general meetings there will be samples of hard copies of our newsletter and a survey sheet to determine if there is enough interest to pursue this further. Because of the cost of having an outside business publish these for us there will be an added fee of $25.00 a year to receive them by mail.

Jeff and Ralph have taken care of the dues for another 6 months on Meet Up. We have seen added members from this venue. Board members we might show our support by joining and let us not forget our Face Book page. Add a thought or two regularly.


Jeff Jensen will draft  a sample proposal letter and send it to Jim Johnson for review to present to the Board concerning the Mac Superstore and the Apple Store becoming Corporate Sponsors as our members are their customers.

 B.  New Business

Kit Harras has taught and will again teach an Introduction to Apple’s iPad class plus Starting to use your Apple iPad at the Colorado Springs Senior Center at 1513 N. Hancock Ave where we hold our monthly meetings and our Sig meetings. There is a question of possible holding a additional meeting to include those whom don’t have access to our evening meeting. Plus someone to possible volunteer for a help table, say on Thursday afternoons from 3 – 5 to answer questions people may have concerning their Apple devices.

Gerald Simonson, unfortunately will be inactive for the foreseeable future.

Laurell Davenport has requested a SIG schedule for 2013. Mike Marus and Mark Pimentel have put together an outline for next year titled The Bare Naked Mac. The first hour will be of interest to all levels of users of IOS devices, beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced users. The second hour will focus basic OS. January will begin with the basics and as the year progresses more and more will be added. And of course there will be time for Q. & A. and tips and tricks.

The initial outline is as follows:


2.iCloud / Calendar / Contacts



5.Disk Utility



8.Quick time

9.Time Machine

10.  Pages / Keynote

11.  Numbers / Bento

12.  Stickies / Grab / Text Edit / Image / Capture / Dictionary / Calculator /     Face time / Mail Messaging

A question was posed that we might allow people to attend 1 or 2 meetings before requiring them to pay the yearly dues and become an active SMMUG member.

Mike Marus will speak briefly at the December meeting of the up coming plans for 2013.

What do we need to do to attract more members and younger members? Do we have to have 2 meetings? Possible one held at another venue rather than the Senior Center. Book some popular web hosts as speakers, maybe. They use IOS devices but from experience all could use the added information that we offer monthly to get full use out of their devices.

  1. B.    Around the Table

All agree that holding the monthly Board Meetings on Wednesday is fine.

Our next board meeting is to be hosted by Jim Johnson, as Mark Griffith will be out of town. It will be on Wednesday December 26th.

Meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.






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