Board Meeting Minutes – May 2014

All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. If any member can’t attend in person but would like to participate please let Gerry know prior to the start of the meeting to arrange a Skype or Face Time session. 

The May SMMUG Board Meeting was called to order by President Gerry Simonson at 5:42 PM on May 19, 2014 and adjourned at 6:54 PM. Role was taken as indicated below.


President - Gerry Simonson                            Present

VP - Mark Griffith                                          Present

Treasurer - Skip Mundy                                  Present

Secretary - Jean Marsh                                    Absent

Director - Jeff Jensen                                      Present

Director - Ralph Woodard                              Absent

Director - Joe Staten                                        Present

Director - Mark Pedri                                      Present

Director - Kit Harras                                       Absent

Director - Jim Johnson                                    Absent

Key Volunteers

Newsletter- Laurrell & Ron Davenport           Present

Door Prize- Bruce Wisz                                  Absent

SIG - Mike Marus                                          Present


1. Minutes of April 6, 2014 SMMUG Board Meeting was approved as written.

2. Treasurer’s Report (provided by Skip Mundy): 68 active members, $3111.53 in the SMMUG bank account and $159.55 is in the SMMUG PayPal account.

3.  Old Business - Upcoming Meetings:

a. June 3rd SMMUG Meeting- Mark Griffith and Jeff Jensen will present Portable Hotspot vs. the Wi-Fi Hotspot chip in iPads.

b.  June 14th Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover Reminders.

c.  July 1st SMMUG Meeting - Mark Pimentel is tentatively scheduled to present insight on Mavericks and/or iOS 8 if iOS 8 is unveiled at the World Wide Developer’ Conference (WWDC) in June and released in September.

d.  July 12th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover iBooks.

e.  August 5th SMMUG Meeting - Traditionally this is our pizza social but as the center has a contract with a caterer that restricts us from bringing any food in, this may or may not be possible.  Action Item: Gerry will contact the center caterer to find out what options are available to us. The issue will be resolved at a future SMMUG Board Meeting.  Gerry Simonson has a collection of photos and videos that will be shown during the meeting.

f.  August 9th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover iTunes.

g.  September 2nd SMMUG Meeting - Skip Mundy will demonstrate how we can put together our own website, complete with photographs, video, blogs and social media using Sandvox software.

h.  September 13th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will present iPhoto.

i.  October 7th SMMUG Meeting – TBD. Possible candidate programs include “Cool Tips of the Week”, E-Book library management, “Beyond Basic Photoshop” including Aperture, Light Room and other advanced photo applications or iBooks Author. Action Item: Gerry Simonson asked the Board to investigate e-book reading software apps for MacOS and iOS as a possible presentation program.

j.  October 11th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover Safari.

k.  November 4th SMMUG Meeting – Rich Voelker and company will present their traditional Christmas shopping tips. Action Item: Gerry Simonson took an action to ask Rich if he could present at the November meeting.

l.  November 8th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover Finder.

m.  December 2nd SMMUG Meeting - This meeting will include election of SMMUG officers and Board members for 2015.  Gerry asked Skip to provide a list of current members so the Board can solicit volunteers to be part of the 2015 SMMUG Board. Action Item: Skip Mundy to provide the Board with a list of current members.  Skip e-mailed the list of current members to the on Board on 20 May 14. Action is CLOSED.

Other meeting topics are TBD; possible candidates include Colorado State Vacation Guide by Miles Media and our Christmas party Swap Meet Table of no longer needed Mac items. The Board suggested having Blue Star recycle be present in order to offer recycling of hardware no longer used/needed. Action Item: Gerry Simonson took an action to contact Blue Star Recycling to see if they can attend the meeting.

n.  December 13th SIG Meeting - Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will cover Apple Mail.

4. New Business.

a. For the January 2015 meeting, the Board discussed presenting useful apps for travel

b. Payment for the next six months “rent” at the Tim Gill Center for Public Media will be due in June 2014. This opened a discussion on whether or not our meetings will continue to be held at the Center. Mike Marus informed the Board that the April SIG started late because no one was at the Center to open the doors at 10:00. After a phone call, someone did show up and the meeting was held in its entirety.

c. Jeff Jensen asked if there has been an increase in attendance due to the move to the Tim Gill Center for Public Media and the Board could not answer the question. Action Item: Mark Griffith will take a head count at the SMMUG monthly meetings.

d. The Board will discuss looking for other venues to hold the monthly meetings and the SIGs for 2015.

5. The next SMMUG Board meeting will be held on June 30, 2014 at 5:30 PM. Location is TBD.

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