Board Meeting Minutes-March 2014


All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. If any member can’t attend in person but would like to participate please let Gerry know prior to the start of the meeting to arrange a Skype or Face Time session. The meeting was called to order by our president Gerry Simonson at 5:30 P.M.

Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

Officers and Board of Directors

OFFICE NAME | Present OR Absent

President Gerry Simonson P
Vice President Mark Griffith A
Treasurer Skip Mundy P
Secretary Jean Marsh P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Jeff Jensen P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Ralph Woodard P
Director at Large Joe Staten A
Director at Large Mike Marus P
Director Mark Pedri A
Director Kit Harras P
Director Jim Johnson A

Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Bruce Wisz

Minutes from last month’s meetings are always posted on the SMMUG website. Please review prior to the Board Meeting so they may be approved at that time. Changes to this procedure are being contemplated to make it easier for all to review and make suggested corrections on a timely basis.
A motion on January and February minutes was brought and voted approved as written.

Membership: 64 active SMMUG members.
Club Bank Balance: $3,094.16
Pay Pal amount: $135.58

Old Business:

April 1st
Mike Marus will handle the Q & A portion of the evening.
Kit Harras will demonstrate a number of apps that are very useful for mobile devices. Gerry Simonson spoke to Rich Voelker concerning a talk on iOS 7.1’s recent changes. Mr Voelker’s opinion was that it mainly effects the iPhone, mainly the battery life. Kit and Mike will include talk about 7.1 in their program. Laurell Davenport has received the Cinemagraph Pro app to review for the newsletter and will offer it as a door prize. She will put together a presentation that Kit Harras has graciously offered to cover as part of her demonstration.

May 6th
Rich Voelker will enlighten us on Preventative Maintenance with basic trouble shooting tips. What to do to keep you devices out of the shop. Just how do you know when it is time to bring it in?

June 3rd

Mark Griffith and Jeff Jensen will enlighten us on Portable Hotspot vs the WiFi Hotspot Chip. All of your devices can share the same connectivity wherever you go. Various carriers have their own plans to be researched and considered.

July 1st
Mark Pimentel is tentatively scheduled to present insite on Maverick and/or if the rumors are true that IOS 8 will be unveiled at WWDC in June to be released in September.

August 5th
Traditionally this is our pizza social but as the center has a contract with a caterer our contract restricts us from bring any food in. How this dilemma will be resolved will be looked into and discussed at future Board Meetings. Gerry Simonson has a collection of photos taken at SMMUG activities at the various venues.

Sept 2nd
Skip Mundy will demonstrate how we can put together our own website complete with photographs, video, blogs, social media, with Sandvox which is compatible with popular browsers and our various devices. At the end of 2013 we had 72 paid members. Currently we stand at 64. Why? Jeff Jensen posed the question if we might send out a note to those members we are missing.

What ideas can we come up with to generate alternative revenue? Might promotional items such as t-shirts or mugs help increase awareness of SMMUG and generate new membership. The items could be either sold or be items for our door prizes.

New Business:

Gerry Simonson will discuss with center the possibility of our volunteering for events, being included in the PBS web page and the newsletter for various events so that we can increase awareness of our club and possible increase membership.

A new addition to the Webpage will be the Cool Tip of the Week.

Around the Table:

As of February 2014 all new apps and app updates have to be optimized for iOS 7. Unfortunately our older equipment such as scanners may not be supported by the new upgrades like Maverick. Unfortunately technology expect us to update our equipment, too.

Should our members be encouraged to be more thoughtful in what they send via email? Is getting barraged by mass mailings or even jokes appropriate? Is it viewed as a favor or a nuisance?

Next meeting April 28th
Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM


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