Board Meeting Minutes for Nov. 19, 2013

For November 19, 2013

 Meeting was called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:30 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

    Minutes from last month’s minutes were approved as posted.

Officers and Board of Directors

President Kit Harras       P
Vice President Mark Griffith       A
Treasurer Jim Johnson       P
Secretary Jean Marsh       P
Director Jeff Jensen       A
Director Ralph Woodard       P
Director Joe Staten       A
Director Mike Marus       P
Director Doug McNutt       P
Director Skip Mundy       A
Director Mark Pedri       P

Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Kit Harras


Membership:  72 paid members.

Club Bank Balance: $1,931.38

The check written to the Gill Center for the first half of next year ($600.00) has cleared the account.

Pay Pal amount: $208.15

Old Business

Future Meetings


We will have tables. Kit Harras will put together a presentation of Christmas gift ides plus apps we might like to add to our list for our iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Kit Harras will also arrange a representative from the Gill Center to come and give additional information about the center, answer questions and help our members feel welcome.

Skip Mundy has offered to put together a slideshow and talk about the history and different places meetings have been held over the years.

At 7:00 we will have our annual business meeting. Elections of Officers and Board of Directors for 2014 and a vote for new Bylaws will be held. We need candidates for President and Treasurer

Skip will contact Mark Griffith and ask him to write an insert for the website and a mail blast concerning a vote to change the wording in the Bylaws to indicate that the annual business meeting will be held in December at the General Meeting rather than on a specific day. Also included will be a vote concerning dual membership. Then Mark will forward it to Jeff and Ralph.


Dolly Drive, which is an interface to the all-in-one backup, file sync, cloud storage, and clone to keep projects backed up, accessible and safe. Jackie will do a write up.

Wish List? Jeff, Ralph look into it.

Several volunteers are needed be available to monitor the equipment at the Gil center for any problems that might arise besides Kit Harras. Mark Marus will go down next week and get acquainted. Kit Harras has parts that may be useful.


Ralph Woodard will contact Lisa Snyder, a representative of Adobe Photo Shop and see if she would be available to highlight our program for February.


Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will get together an outline of the proposed programs for the SIG in 2014.

Door Prizes:

For January a motion was proposed and seconded for the purchase of an iPad mini at $300.00 or less as a special drawing prize to encourage members to pay their dues now for the year. Badges will only be available for the paid up members and only current members will participate in the drawing.

Jeff and Ralph to be notified so that the prize can be posted to the web site.


Jim Johnson will contact the Mac Super Store to inquire if they might step up as a sponsor for the club. The question was raised, what about the Apple store? “Probable not” was the consensus.


The website has been updated for 2014 to include information concerning the new location for the General Meetings and SIG and the new day that the General Meeting will be held on. A map will be available with click directions available. Meet up will be updated after the December meeting.

Senior Center Classes: 

Kit Harras will not be handling classes at the Senior Center this first quarter. They would be ecstatic if someone would like to add a class and take over Kit’s position there.


Jim Johnson will continue to be available by computer to help and advise if need be. Skip Mundy, Mike Marus and Jean Marsh have offered to help locally to handle such things as depositing checks, printing new member badges, and the like. Mike Marus will print up membership forms to have at the meeting for new members to fill out.


Jacqueline Monroe has volunteered her vast knowledge and experience to help promotion the club and increase membership in 2014.

New Business:

 501(c)(3) paperwork is up to date and will be put on the webpage.

Taxes are also up to date.

Around the Table:

 Jeff Jensen will be available for future meetings on Monday or Wednesdays in the coming year.

Skip expressed appreciation to Mike Marus’ support of the club over the years as shown in the photos that Skip is reviewing for the December meeting. Thank you so very much Mike.

Joe Staten will be unavailable for several months early in the coming year.

Jim Johnson will be leaving in a couple of weeks for an extended period of time.

Kit Harras and Doug McNutt are looking at moving out of state. They will be missed.

Current SIG is still available to nonmembers.

D.  Next Board Meeting:

December 18, 2013 Location to be announced.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:39 p.m.









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