Board Meeting Minutes February 24, 2014

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For February 24, 2014

 The meeting was called to order by our President Gerry Simonson at 5:43 P.M.

All current members are welcome to join us at the Board Meetings. If any member can’t attend in person but would like to participate please let Gerry know prior to the start of the meeting to arrange a Skype or Face Time session.

Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

Officers and Board of Directors

President Gerry Simonson       P
Vice President Mark Griffith       A
Treasurer Skip Mundy       P
Secretary Jean Marsh       P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Jeff Jensen       P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Ralph Woodard       P
Director at Large Joe Staten       P
Director at Large Mike Marus       A
Director Mark Pedri       A
Director Kit Harras       P
Director Doug McNutt       P
Director Jim Johnson       A

Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Bruce Wisz

Laurell Davenport & Joe Staten were present via Face Time

Board Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the December 16th are approved as posted.

Adjustments have been made as requested by President Gerry Simonson to the January minutes. Approval will be made at the March Board Meeting.


Membership:  61 active SMMUG members.

Club Bank Balance: $3,034.42

Pay Pal amount: $111.16

The club credit card has been transferred to current treasurer, Skip Mundy.

Treasury report approved as submitted.

  1. A.  Old Business

Adjustment to Dates of SMMUG meetings in 2014

There have been a couple of adjustments to the Board Meeting dates for this year. The proper dates and time for all activities can be view on the SMMUG Website calendar.


Mike Marus will present tips on managing our Email files on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and our iPod. Gerry Simonson will handle the Q & A session

Future SMMUG General Meeting Program Topics:

President Gerry Simonson will contact Rich Voelker to inquire about the possibility of them giving a program on software and/or hardware sometime in the near future.

The Mac Super Store has worked with us before they will be approached concerning giving a program to our members.

Skip Mundy is working on a program, Sandvox, demonstrating a method of building a Website which could be used to host family photos, family histories or whatever else you might dream up.

To purchase a wireless modem or a hotspot that is the question. A separate devise or built in cellular chip. Jeff Jensen will contact Mark as a future program presentation.

Social Media – Jeff Jensen

Door Prizes:

The question posed to the Board was “just what is the goal of door prizes this year?” In years past a monthly budget of upwards to $100.00 has been figured in. Is that reasonable for the coming year? Kit Harras will send Bruce Wisz a list of the websites she found helpful last year, as it is quite possible to find better deals there. Sometime one can obtain 2 or 3 items for the price of 1 in the retail market. Soliciting local venues will of course be done as needed.

Laurell Davenport frequently reviews software and other products for the website. Laurell  Davenport and Bruce Wisz will get together to talk about the possibility of combining the newsletter and the door prize communities. A review written and a short demon presented at the beginning of the meetings then the item be part of the door prizes could work. Also they will audit what she has received from venders and what they can they will work into the door prize inventory.

The budget will be a continuing topic of discussion at the March 17th Board Meeting.


SMMUG is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. Jeff Jensen will find and email a copy of the Certificate of Exemption for Colorado State Sales/Use Tax form to Bruce Wisz and the board members.

Website Report:

Jeff Jensen has the new membership plug-in (s2member) on up and running. Join and renewal are both working. Existing members with website accounts will now be able to renew without being asked to reregister. Content protections is back up and working too. Ralph Woodard is doing testing now. Next I'll ask the board members to take a look.  Future website tasks include:

  1. Get S2 integrated with Mail Chimp (our email blast tool)
  2. Set the current members inside the site to the proper s2 levels
  3. Other s2 cleanup – resetting content protection for all previous content that were protected, set some correct images
  4. Get our website backup plug-in working again. This will involve Rich Voelker and Ralph Woodard. It is currently not working.
  5. Add the recently approved Dual membership. None of the membership plug-ins are set up to have 2 people on one membership or one signup. But I believe we can implement this so at least a Dual membership can be purchased online, and in the process the 2nd members name is captured so we can add a second account (if they want it) online for the 2nd member.
  6. Move the holder of our Domain Name from Network Solutions to a less expensive Domain Holding company.

Tim Gill Center:

The Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group has a one year contract with the Tim Gill Center. The club has paid the dues of $1200.00 for six months for the two rooms. The Senior Center’s charge was less but the need to appeal to a broader audience was a motivation to make the change. As with the Senior Center the Tim Gill Center follows School District 11 closures to gage whether an event will be canceled or not.


The Tim Gill Center’s Independent Film guy is the only one for us to coordinate with concerning our microphone, Apple TV, or other equipment not working. The center’s equipment is changed as needed. The club needs a person who can work with film guy to learn how this shared system works.

Around the Table:

“Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.” This could be a way for our members to donate to our club as they make purchases on Amazon.

Bruce Wisz and Laurell Davenport will coordinate to put an ad on the website about upcoming door prize enticements.

SMMUG Board of Directors Meeting:

The next Board Meeting will be held at 5:30 P.M. on March 17 at the home of our President Gerry Simonson.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM









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