Board Meeting Minutes – February 2013

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on February 27, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:30 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below. Board Members are asked to refer to last months minutes on the website.

Minutes from last month’s minutes were approved as posted.



President Kit Harras


Vice President Mark Griffith


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Secretary Jean Marsh


Director/Webmaster Jeff Jensen


Director/Webmaster Ralph Woodard


Director Joe Staten


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Mark Pedri


Director Skip Mundy



Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor                       Laurell Davenport

Special Interest Group             Mark Pimentel

Special Interest Group            Mike Marus

Door Prize Coordinator            Kit Harras


Membership:  63 paid members,

Club Bank Balance: $3,235.24

Pay Pal amount: $136.24


  1. A.    Old Business

March 7th Meeting – General Meeting

Kit Harras writes “Cool App of the Day” for the website and will share techniques for picking just the right app, with just the right features, for the best deal to fulfill our needs. Methods she knows and uses herself concerning apps from Apple’s App Store as well as other sources for Macs as well as for various devices, iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones.

As Mark Griffith and Skip Mundy will be out of town we will have Q & A rather than tables this month.

To be announced. Pitch the website. Meet Up - If you are on Meet Up be sure to sign up with SMMUG so that you receive notification of the clubs agenda.

April 4th Meeting –

Mark Griffith will report on his trip to this year's MacWorld. It is always good to hear the news from California.

May 2 Meeting - Mac Most Now

Gary Rosenzweig, celebrity host from the Mac Most site at is coming to Colorado Springs for the May 2nd General Meeting. Mac Most is a great site for Apple users that shows us all kinds of tips, tricks and videos.

June 6th Meeting – Prosoft

Award-winning line-up of utilities including: Data Rescue 3, Drive Genius 3, Data Backup 3, Klix and Sound Bunny. These programs allow you to back up, recover, maintain and manage your important data. We will also be introducing The Data Rescue Center our professional data recovery service.

All of the products will be available to purchase after the presentation with special pricing for MUG Members. – (Special pricing is only available at the meeting)

July 11th Meeting – Use of audio features

Voice recognition is available today on and or for your Apple computer and devices. Laurell Davenport will show a video tutorial she created which shows how she used Dragon's Dictate to help her work with her computer while her arm was in a sling.

Adrian Kaiser will demo the software that comes free with your Apple computer and devices. Talk to your mobile device or your computer.

The Senior Center will be closed on July 4th for the holiday. The auditorium will be occupied on July 11th so our SMMUG General Meeting will be held in the mirrored room, which is the second biggest room in the center

August 1 – Our traditional pizza party and networking

Door prize status 

Magic mouse, cover with built in keyboard and additional items are lined up. New members who sign up at the meeting will receive a stylus.

Meeting Location

There is a continuing problem with the Internet connections at the center. Kit Harras has spoken with their head person and their I.T. person concerning the problems and the preferred solutions. Jim Johnson will speak with Rich Voelker concerning this problem, too. Solid documentation is needed as proof to back up our continuing problem with the Wi-Fi. Kit suggested a program that she uses to monitor a connection. It is a Snippet Program called Wi-Fi Explorer. With this information we can go to the I.T. guy and negotiate with the center for a discount. Other clubs are bringing their own router in. Kit will bring one for the March General Meeting for back up and added insurance that we have limited trouble.

Mike Marus will document our connectivity this month and Mark Griffith will in document it in April.

Kit’s iPad class

This month’s class is already booked up. The class is located in the small conference room that has a poor wifi connection. Kit Harras brought in an Ethernet cord to plug into a working location in the back room and it functioned ok after that.


This past month there was a good attendance. A few people did not attend the second hour. Possible they were from Kit’s class and only have an iPad. Sig is being held in the Painting Room, which is perfect except the connection continually drops.

A discussion concerning charging $5.00 to non paid up members for the meetings and the idea was rejected. Instead a motion was brought up and agreed on to have a box to accept donations, explaining to attendees that we now are required to pay for the use of the room.

Web Page

The website has new items and added features that we might find interesting to check in on daily. The calendar is working out ok, as is the App of the Day. More authors are needed. Jeff Jensen and Ralph Woodard are working on a way for people to access the app right from the website.

Pimentel made up a video of our December General Meeting. The idea was posed of producing meeting videos for the members. Ralph, Jeff and Jackie are discussing the possibility of a video blog for YouTube or the website in a way so as not to over load our bandwidth.


Publishing of our General Meeting is beginning to work. Notification was in the Independent this last month on a timely basis.


Jim Johnson will check with Voelker, as their dues have not been paid.


  1. B.    New Business

Button Making:

Kit has recently obtained a button-making machine that she has generously offered the use of at the cost of the supplies. We could make up promotional buttons or possible key chains. The possibilities are endless.

Our next board meeting is to be hosted by Skip Mundy. It will be on Wednesday March 27th at 5:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.











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