Board Meeting Minutes – Dec. 2013

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For December 16, 2013 The meeting was called to order at 5:36 P.M. by our president Kit Harras at Skip Mundy's home. All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. If any member can’t attend in person but would like to participate please contact Kit or Skip prior to the start of the meeting to arrange a Skype or Face Time session. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

Officers and Board of Directors

President Kit Harras       P
Vice President...... Mark Griffith       P
Treasurer Jim Johnson       P
Secretary Jean Marsh       P
Director Jeff Jensen       P
Director Ralph Woodard       P
Director Joe Staten       P
Director Mike Marus       P
Director Doug McNutt       P
Director Skip Mundy       P
Director Mark Pedri       P


Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group..... Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Kit Harras


Laurell Davenport was present by Face Time.  Joe Schaefer was a guest member at the meeting.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as posted on the SMMUG website.

TREASURY REPORT: Membership:  72 paid members. Club Bank Balance: $1,859.39, Pay Pal amount: $252.06.

  1. Old Business

December:  Our general meeting for the month of December and our yearly business meeting were unavoidable cancelled due to the weather so elections and the changes in the wording of the bylaws’ will happen during the January meeting. Members will be able to access the proposed changes on the website prior to the meeting.

January:  General Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. and the SIG will be on the second Saturday at 10:00 A.M. at the Tim Gill Center located at 315 E. Costilla St. All members who have paid their dues for 2014 and are in attendance will have an opportunity to win an iPad Mini. Jeff Jensen will contact Jacqueline Monroe to verify her coordination with the President of Dolly Drive as a guest presenter for our program in January. The club business meeting will include voting for Officers and Board of Directors for 2014 plus new Bylaws. Joe Schaefer reported we need a nominee President and Treasurer. Then during the course of the meeting Skip Mundy agreed to accept the nomination as Treasurer. Prize Chairperson, and someone who is comfortable with technical things to checkout equipment before our meetings are also positions needing filled. Mark Griffith will have the final verbiage of the bylaws ready to be voted on and read it at the Annual meeting. They will be posted on the website to be review prior to the meeting. The Tim Gill Center will be closed between 12/23/2013 and 1/3/2013. Kit Harras and Skip Mundy will meet the folks at the Tim Gill Center this week to check out the standard projection and sound system. Jeff Jensen and Mike Marus will be available to help with this first meeting but the club desperately needs a person who will manage the AV system for the club on a monthly basis. This person will work with Jim Turner, the POC for the Film group so we can take advantage of these more advanced complex systems. Kit currently has the Bag-o-parts, which includes various connectors, an Apple TV and an Airport Express router with passwords. These items will need to be checked before each meeting to upload their frequent updates. Mark Griffith has accepted the nomination of Vice President for 2014 and Jean Marsh has agreed to the nomination for Secretary for another year. Mark Griffith will reach out to Gerry Simonson to see if he will accept the nomination for President and Bruce Wisz to ask him to take over as our Election Chairman as Board Members are not allowed to act in this capacity. Ralph Woodard and Jeff Jensen will put together an email to encourage volunteers for the club. Joe Staten will be gone for several months so others have agreed to coordinate when Skip is travelling. Kit will pick up the checkbook and credit card from Jim Johnson’s home and get Skip added to the accounts as treasurer. Email will need to be changed over and Jeff will forward the PayPal.

February: Mike Marus will contact Mark Pimentel and check the possibility of them coordinating a SIG style IOS, OS presentation for the meeting.

March: Ralph Woodard will contact Lisa Snyder, a photographer, author of books on digital photography, and representative of Adobe Photoshop to see if she would be available for our program in March. Kit Harras suggested a future meeting might be someone from the local Makerspace project, a Meetup group that coordinates space, expensive equipment and instructors to certify members for use of these things that they might not otherwise have access to. The Board will check this out for a possible summer program.

SIG:  Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will put together an outline of their programs for the SIG in 2014.

Door Prizes:  The club needs a new Door Prize Manager volunteer for the 2014. There is a budget that has to be maintained and they will be answerable to the Board. Prizes must appeal to the general audience and include Apple, Mac, iPad, and iPod interests. Kit Harras will bring what prizes she has to the January meeting, which is enough to last through February. Mark Griffith will accept and set up for the February meeting if need be. Jeff Jensen suggested that there be no more door prizes unless a volunteer comes forward.

Website:  The website has been updated for 2014 to include information concerning the new dates and location for the General Meetings and SIG. A map is available with a click for directions. Additional volunteers are needed for the website and to help with emails.

Meet up:  Dues have been paid for an additional 6 months.

Mailbox: Mark Griffith paid for the clubs mailbox for another year and Jeff Jensen will see that he is reimbursed.

Senior Center Classes:  Kit Harras will no longer be available to conduct the iPad class at the Senior Center. She suggests a similar class or possible a Classic Mac SIG might be a good future class there. Her class has encouraged membership for the club. The Board will consider this suggestion in a future meeting. Jeff Jensen has agreed to be a point of contact for the Senior Center when clientele need someone to call for help with questions concerning their iPad.

Tim Gill Center vs Senior Center Joe Schaefer shared his concerns with the Board members prior to the meeting by email about the clubs move from the Colorado Springs Senior Center to the Tim Gill Center and attended the Board Meeting to further discuss his views. One of his main concerns was that it was done in haste and should be delayed for the incoming Board to handle. He met with the Mendy Putman of the Senior Center to verify that our Thursday night time slot and room were still available and that they would welcome us back. If a decision to move was made in the future he felt a location closer to one of the Apple retail stores would be preferable. It was pointed out that this was not a hasty action. The 2013 Board began the discussion and research back in June or July as one of the ways for the club to increased membership and encourage a more diverse group. The club has struggled to increase membership for a number of years and have found that young people are just not attracted to attend a meeting at a “senior center.” The Tim Gill Center for Public Media has a number of diverse groups and organizations that use their facilities and we maybe able to collaborate with them thus increasing awareness of SMMUG. We are paid up for 6 months and committed for a year. If additional club members are concerned as Joe Schaefer voiced about the choices made they are encouraged to form a committee and announce themselves at the Annual meeting in January to work on an alternative for 2015, always remembering that increased membership is the primary goal.

Sponsorship:  Some of the Apple/Macintosh user groups around the country have found sponsors for their clubs from various organizations such as hospitals. The future Board may want to look into finding additional sponsorship. The Apple store and the Mac Superstore have been approached and it is against corporate policy to support user groups. We are not even aloud to post a flyer in the store.

New Business: Mark Griffith suggested that a gift for guest speakers of something with our club logo on it might be good for the club. Mugs could be ordered from Café Press for $24.00 or possible t-shirts.

Around the Table:  Mark Griffith expressed a desire that we always have at least 3 months of programs organized and commitments coordinated. We might also research having activities that would coordinate with other activities held at the center say in the summer or at the holiday time. The club might consider a Program Director as a future Board position. It has been noted that other clubs across the country report having some meetings where members enjoy socializing. We might consider that in the future. Mike Marus suggested that “All Things Apple” be added to our name SMMUG to increase recognition and attract additional members. Research for a local Apple user group does show that we are already viewed as #1 in the area. Monday appear to be the best day for our Board to meet in the coming year. The ongoing schedule will be discussed at the January Board meeting.

D.  Next Board Meeting: Monday January 27, 2014 5:30 p.m. Location to be announced. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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