Board Meeting Minutes – Dec. 2012

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on December 26, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:35 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below. Board Members are asked to refer to last months minutes on the website. 

Minutes from last months minutes were approved as posted.



President Kit Harras


Vice President Ralph Woodard


Treasurer Jim Johnson


Secretary Jean Marsh


Director Jeff Jensen


Director Mark Griffith


Director Joe Staten


Director Mike Marus


Director Doug McNutt


Director Jacqueline Monroe


Director Skip Mundy


Director Mark Pedri



Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor                        Laurell Davenport

Special Interest Group             Mark Pimentel

Special Interest Group            Mike Marus

Door Prize Coordinator            Kit Harras



Membership:  78 paid members,

Club Bank Balance: $2,870.43

Pay Pal amount:      $224.63


  1. A.   Old Business

 January 3 Meeting – Otto the Automator

Jim Johnson will introduce us to Automator, which is our personal automation assistant, making repetitive tasks easier with much less hassle.

We will not have the proposed survey but will ask for a show of hands of those in the audience using iOS devises.

Mike will brief us all on the new ideas for the SIG meetings in 2013.

Tables; Jim Johnson & Joe Staten at the membership table, Jeff Jensen answering Photo questions, Mark Griffith general OS questions on Mac, Kit Harras iOS questions.

May 2 Meeting - Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost Now at

Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost Now at has graciously agreed to come south and present a program for us.

Additional Meeting Topics

iPhoto, IOS devices, and expanded discussion of SIG topics for the year are possible for February, March, and April.

Membership dues

Jim Johnson will have a separate print out of the members who are currently paid up and if non-current members want their badges and to be included in the drawing they will need to pay their $25.00 dues for the year. Attendees will be able to pay with cash, check, and credit card on pay pal.

Jeff Jensen will correct the misprint of iPad Mini rather than Mac Mini and notify Laurell that notice will be included on the website.

Door prize status 

As an additional incentive for members to become current with their 2013 dues an iPad Mini will be one of the terrific drawing prizes available. Kit Harras has other prizes in line. Jim Johnson will pick up a few more iTune gift cards to round it out.

Meeting Location

The Colorado Springs Senior Center is booked for the year and paid up for 6 months. SIG will need to relocate from the multi media room to the multi use (fish bowl) room a couple of times during the year which should present no problem.

Skip Mundy and Jim Johnson will check out the Tim Gill Center, which is owned by Rocky Mountain PBS, at 315 E. Costilla St. A couple of rooms have been set aside for non profit organizations to use at no charge that may serve our purpose and are available in the evening.

Web Page

A question was posed if the web page could have a portion that would refresh frequently. A calendar may work, announcements of coming events, training, pod casts, introducing membership to Meet up, Face Book, an announcement of the SIG meeting and possible a crawl across the bottom.

Someone would have to be responsible to do the posting.

Meet Up

We have 18 members signed up. Kit Harras proposed that a Welcome letter might be a good addition to greet potential new members when they log into the website.

Member Growth

Volunteers are needed to notify the various independent newspapers of our monthly meetings. It would entail copying the notice from the web page and emailing it to them on a timely basis.

Only one person voiced interest in receiving the newsletter by mail. We may have a few available at the general meeting. Everything is electronic now so sending out hard copies would have little promotional value. We might print up a hard copy every 6 months that included “The Best of Articles” and be left at various places such as the Colorado Springs Senior Center and/or the Pikes Peak Library.

Kit Harras is again conducting iPad classes at the Colorado Springs Senior Center and will notify Jeff Jensen of the schedule as soon as it is available to be added to the web site.

Kit has made the suggestion that we have volunteer at a table for an hour or two on the first Thursday in the early afternoon before our SMMUG general meeting to answer questions and invite interested people to our meeting.

Board Meeting

Jeff Jensen will again be teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays this spring. All Board Members were in agreement to meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. Attendance via Face Time or Skype is available to those who find it a problem to be physically present.


It has been noted that our sponsor and the long time host of our website has another business that shares the same server and IP address.

Are we safe if the server gets hacked? Do we need to ask for a different IP address? Do we have a back up plan?

First the hosting is not in conflict with the alternative business and this is not a new situation. The two sites have co-existed for 10 years. Emergency back up is in place and Jeff Jensen and Ralph Woodard back up the system off site monthly so they could have any problem corrected quickly. Our Pay Pal is not linked into the bank account so even if it were hacked it would be minor. If for whatever reasons need arose there are other Apple friendly sites available to host our website.

B.  New Business

C.    Around the Table

Our next board meeting is to be hosted by Skip Mundy. It will be on Wednesday January 30th.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.







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