Board Meeting Minutes August 2013


Meeting was called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:40 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

Minutes from last month’s minutes were approved as posted.

Officers and Board of Directors

President Kit Harras       P
Vice President Mark Griffith       P
Treasurer Jim Johnson       P
Secretary Jean Marsh       P
Director Jeff Jensen       P
Director Ralph Woodard       P
Director Joe Staten       A
Director Mike Marus       A
Director Doug McNutt       P
Director Skip Mundy       A
Director Mark Pedri       A

Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport
Special Interest Group Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Kit Harras



Membership:  74 paid members.

Club Bank Balance: $2,479.13

Pay Pal amount: $175.00

A.         Old Business

Future Meetings

September – This month we will have Q & A.

Ralph Woodard will run demonstration videos and answer questions about the home thermostat Nest. Mark Griffith will demo some cool gadgets, widgets, tips and tricks including a new way to interact with our Mac with Leap Motion controller. Mark Griffith will set up the controller.

October –Announcement of iPhone 5S and 5C and iOS7 will be coming out in September. Jim Johnson & Kit Harras will take care of the presentation.

Other possible programs include Mark Pimentel might present OS X Mavericks. Medical and Fitness. Best Buy has the Pebble Smart Watch is compatible with select Apple devices.

Kit Harras has been looking into genealogical research and may partner with Skip Mundy to present apps that help in tracing the family tree.

November – Rich Volker will send in his pros to help us fill out our Dear Santa lists for this year. They will enlighten us on new must have stuff.

Senior Center. The Senior Center equipment has been performing fine. Rooms are taken care of through the end of the year.

The idea of personal coaching people in their homes is determined to be to much of a liability problem.

A manned table once a week at the Senior Center during the day may be of interest and help to people. The idea of a day time SMMUG group to include those people not able to get out at night may be a consideration for the future.

Future Location – AshMUG, the Ashland, Or. Mac users group has a corporate sponsor that allows them to use their meeting room that is equipped with Wifi. We need to begin a search for such a sponsor again. One where we can hold our monthly SMMUG meetings and the SIG meetings at no charge to the club.

Door Prizes: Door prizes are covered nicely for the month. 

Website: The upgrade has been completed to the current Word Press. Jim Johnson has sent Ralph Woodard a new complete membership list for the site. They are continuing to send out mail chimp, etc.

App of the day has become more app of the week at this time. Another person is needed to help with posting to the web site. Coaching will be gladly given. Approximately 20 minutes per day is all it requires.

We continue to need authors and contributors to the newsletter.

B.  New Business: 

An announcement to be made that SMMUG is a 501(3)(C) organization and donations made by members are tax deductible. Additional membership would also improve our budget.

Around the Table:

Doug McNutt brought up a potential future meeting topic. The App Sandbox in OS X  which helps ensure that apps do only what they’re intended to do. Even if an app is compromised by malicious software, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep your computer and information safe.

D.  Next Board Meeting: Our next board meeting will be on Thursday September 26h at 5:30 p.m. The location will be announced. All members are welcome to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.








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