Board Meeting Minutes April 2014


All members are welcome to join us at the Board Meeting. If any member can’t attend in person but would like to participate please let Gerry know prior to the start of the meeting to arrange a Skype or Face Time session. The meeting was called to order by our president Gerry Simonson at 5:30 P.M.

Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below.

Officers and Board of Directors


President Gerry Simonson      P
Vice President Mark Griffith        P
Treasurer Skip Mundy      P
Secretary Jean Marsh      P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Jeff Jensen      P
Director at Large/ Webmaster Ralph Woodard      A
Director at Large Joe Staten      P
Director at Large Mike Marus     A
Director Mark Pedri      P
Director Kit Harras      A
Director Jim Johnson      A

Key Volunteers

Newsletter Editor Laurell Davenport           P
Special Interest Group Mark Pimentel
Special Interest Group Mike Marus
Special Interest Group Gerry Simonson
Door Prize Coordinator Bruce Wisz


The March Board Meeting Minutes were approved as posted.

Minutes from the prior month’s meetings are posted on the SMMUG website. Please review and notify Jean Marsh of any suggested corrections so adjustments might be made prior to the Board Meeting and they be voted on and approved at the meeting.


Membership: 65 active SMMUG members.

Club Bank Balance: $3,094.19

Pay Pal amount: $159.55

Old Business:

May 6th SMMUG Meeting

Rich Voelker will handle our questions & answer session this month and Bob Gray will enlighten us on Preventative Maintenance with basic trouble shooting tips. What to do to keep you devises out of the shop. Just how do we know when it is time to bring it in?


May 10th SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and Mike Marus will be covering Apple Maps, Google Maps and other Map programs. Note: Mobil (iOS) devices are covered from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM and Mac computers from 11:00 to 12:00


June 3rd SMMUG Meeting

Mark Griffith and Jeff Jensen will enlighten us on Portable Hotspot vs the WiFi Hotspot Chip. All of your devices can share the same connectivity wherever you go. Various carriers have their own plans to be researched and considered.


June 14th SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and/or Mike Marus will be covering Reminders. Helping us understand how useful this app is.


July 1st SMMUG Meeting

Mark Pimentel is tentatively scheduled to present insight on Maverick and/or if the rumors are true that IOS 8 will be unveiled at WWDC in June to be released in September.


July 12th SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and/or Mike Marus will be covering the iBooks.


August 5th SMMUG Meeting – Summer Social

Traditionally this is our pizza social but as the center has a contract with a caterer our contract restricts us from bring any food in. How this dilemma will be resolved will be looked into. Using the caterer for our social may be very agreeable.

Gerry Simonson has a collection of photos taken at SMMUG activities at the various venues that will be shown during the social.


August 9th SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and/or Mike Marus are to help us to enjoy itunes more.


September 2nd SMMUG Meeting

Skip Mundy will demonstrate how we can put together our own website complete with photographs, video, blogs, social media, with Sandvox which is compatible with popular browsers and our various devices.


September 13TH SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and/or Mark Marus will teach us the ins and outs of iPhoto.


October 7th SMMUG Meeting

TBD: Possible candidates included “Cool Tips of the Week”. Calibre – E-book library management tool.


October 11th SIG Meeting

Safari will be the topic covered by Mark Pimentel and/or Mark Marus this month.


November 4th SMMUG Meeting

As is tradition, help with Christmas Shopping ideas from Rich Voelker.


November 8th SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and Mark Marus will cover Finder.


December 2nd SMMUG Meeting

This will include our annual business meeting, which will include the election of officers for the coming year. Other topics TBD (Possible candidates may include Colorado State Vacation Guide by Miles Media) Socialize, Christmas Party, a Swap Meet of our no longer needed Mac items, Tables.


December SIG Meeting

Mark Pimentel and Mark Marus will cover Apple Mail.


Other Old Business:

The clubs trade name must be renewed by 6 - 30 - 2014 or it will expire and will not be renewable.


Our website was set up using Themes, a product of SharePoint. In future years the club may have to a small fee to maintain the site as upgrades are created.


The connection of our site to Mail Chimp has been fixed.


Jeff Jensen and Ralph Woodard will get a list of non-active members from Skip Mundy so that their web page access will be limited to the public areas only.


Jeff Jensen will put together a survey to get a picture of what systems the club members have and what they may need. The survey will be presented to the President Gerry Simonson and possible the Board then sent out by email and copies available at the meeting. This might be useful at our holiday party swap meet if members have items, cables, etc that they might like to pass on.


New Business:

Jeff Jensen checked with the Pikes Peak Library about our newsletter being posted at the branches.


Should SMMUG ask to be included on the PBS Web Page?

Around the Table:

The Nook from Barns & Noble may be looking at the beginning of the end. The question on people’s minds of course is what will happen to their libraries. Will they be able to transferred to another device if Nook becomes a thing of the past?


The Pikes Peak Library District front desk staff can help put OverDrive on our device, which will allow access to their CyberShelf Downloads. The library requires an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery on our Mac through a USB connection to a Kindle app.


A possible future SMMUG or SIG topic might be “Beyond Basic Photoshop’ and cover Aperture, Light Room and other advanced photo applications. Might work into the October general meeting or maybe the January SIG.


The question was posed, has the move to the Tim Gill center proved to be all we had hoped for? The room is dark and cramped. There are audio and video problems and no one to on site at the meetings to address them. Have we attracted and expanded membership we had hoped for?

We are locked in a year contract. It has come to our attention that clubs in other locations are supported by places such as hospitals or other businesses with the use of their room at no charge. Maybe we could be so lucky here.


Next Board Meeting will be on May 19th


Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM










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