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How to Cook Everything IOS App

How to Cook Everything

Do you love Mark Bittman’s cookbooks? Check out this free sampler for your iOS device. If you like what you see, upgrade to a variety of full offerings, including a very nice version for your iPad. Prop up your iOS device & start cooking. – Kit H How to Cook Everything Essentials by Culinate, Inc.

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ToolKit Pro

Do you have big, thick EE reference manuals in your home? There are lots of tools to do calculations and circuit simulation scattered out there in the App Store. This IPad App makes a great step forward to bring a huge collection of tools and reference sheets together in an easy to navigate format. Prices […]

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January 5th SIG (Special Interest Group) Meeting

The SMMUG Special Interest Group (SIG) will meet at 10:00 AM, Saturday, January 5th, 2013, in the Multi-Media Room (just follow the signs) at the Colorado Springs Senior Center, 1514 North Hancock, in Colorado Springs. A new series on Basics for Mac is starting. This SIG will cover The Finder.

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Cloud Mate: Turning iCloud into Dropbox?

Cloud Mate: Turning iCloud into Dropbox? by Matt Neuburg Ask me how I move documents from one of my Macs to another, or from my Mac to my iPad or iPhone, and I’ll probably say, “Dropbox.” I hardly ever think of using iCloud’s Documents in the Cloud feature to share or transfer documents among my […]

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What Happened to “Save As”?

The Very Model of a Modern Mountain Lion Document by Matt Neuburg  In the recently released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has done something I thought they’d never do: they backtracked — sort of. They heeded the objections of users to a major feature of 10.7 Lion, and took steps to meet those objections. […]

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Board Meeting notes for June

BOARD MEETING MINUTES For Board meeting on July 5, 2012 (a held-late June meeting) President Kit Harras called the Board meeting to order at 5:00. The roll was taken, and those present and absent are as shown. Board members are asked to read and coordinate and corrections or changes with the Club Secretary before the Board […]

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