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App Zap iOS app


Looking for a great, complete App Shopping tool? AppZapp HD Pro is a heavyweight in the category. While not perfect, this tool gives you access to a mountain of critical information, including price trends. It can notify you of price drops in close to real time and much, much more. It will even monitor Apps […]

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Paper Train iOS app

Paper Train

Love model train layouts? This deceptively simple looking Universal iOS App is a free Lite version to check out. Control the little trains as they run around what looks like a piece of paper. Fun for train fans of any age. – Kit   Paper Train Lite by Istom Games Kft.

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Sumo Paint iOS app

Sumo Paint

Do you know somebody who likes to create elaborate scribbles? There are tons of great drawing programs but this one will blow you away if you love to doodle & scribble. Built in patterns are impressive and easy enough for a 7 year old & creative enough for a Senior. iPad only. Price varies between […]

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If you are not watching TED (Technology, Education & Design) Conference Videos you are missing some of the best ideas presented by the best speakers. While available on the web, they are also available via this free iOS App. The App also helps you search on topics or even listen to the brief talks as […]

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Qrafter iOS app


QR Codes, those little square blocks that, when scanned, can lead you all sorts of places, are everywhere. There are lots of Apps that let you read them but Qrafter & Qrafter Pro keep you safe from malicious links. These Universal App also give you a ton of useful information. While Qrafter is free, I […]

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Photo Masures iOS app

Photo Measures

Do you find yourself trying to describe a room or object to somebody who wants measurement details? This free, lite, universal iOS version of Photo Measures, while it dos not measure dimensions, does let you accurately mark up a new shot or existing photo with blueprint like dimensions. Much better than hand drawn scribbles. Simple, […]

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