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Silk iOS app


Would you love to to have visual magic spring from your fingertips? Create exquisite, symmetrical, ethereal designs with a few strokes. Very relaxing. Create beauty on all you iOS devices, priced $3-$1. – Kit   Silk – Interactive Generative Art by Yuri Vishnevsky  

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Spyglass iOS app


Every wish you could have a pair of binoculars with those cool Augmented Reality head-up display while you tackle the outdoors? Now you can have the next best thing with your iOS device. Spyglass is not a toy App but a serious navigation tool that makes use of virtually every sensor in your device. Check […]

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Board Meeting Minutes – March 2013

Meeting was called to order by President Kit Harras at 5:35 p.m. Roll was taken and those present or absent are as shown below. (more…)

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Trimble iOS app


Spring is here. Ready to explore our great outdoors? Trimble, a well respected name in mapping, has a number of quality Apps for hikers, backpackers and hunters. Try their great free versions before upgrading to find the right mix of features. Explore, then download what you need to your iOS device or even create a […]

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Rails iOS app


Familiar with Shortline Railroad game? Like relaxing puzzle games and trains? Rails is available on the iPad and OS X. A gentle, fun puzzle to make the trains and tracks work happily together. Model trains without the plywood. Prices recently ranged between $10 and $2. Enjoy. – Kit    Rails by Belight Software, ltd

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AutoStitch Panorama iOS app

AutoStitch Panorama

I love AutoStitch Panorama. There, I said it. I have used the iPhone version for years and now the iPad optimized version is available for $3. It takes multiple shots you have collected and aligns & stitches them together into amazing panoramas to captures those images you missed. Panoramas don’t always happen in a neat […]

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