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Blux Camera iOS app

Blux Camera

Not a fan of Apple’s built in Camera App for your iOS device? If you want a really slick intuitive heads-up display try the Blux Camera Pro for your iPhone and Blux Camera for iPad. Price range $0-$3 for each. A feature deep App with an interface evocative of new AI driven digital cameras. There […]

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Dark Sky iOS app

Dark Sky

Want to know if it will rain or snow at your house within the next hour? Want to know how heavy the snowfall was 4 hours ago over your favorite slope? Almost 1,200 Kickstart users funded the founders to create the Universal weather App, Dark Sky. The result was beautiful and uniquely useful. I have […]

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CS Utilities iOS app

CS Utilities

If you are in the Colorado Springs area, this handy little free iOS App can quickly show you outage locations, details & contact info. In the dark? Use this FREE app to  check it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. – Kit.     Colorado Springs Utilities by iFactor Consulting

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TuneIn Radio iOS app

TuneIn Radio

Want to listen to live radio stations from around the world for free from your iOS device? TuneIn Radio ad-supported free version is easy to search, navigate, personalize and sounds great. Upgrade to Pro (recent price range $1 to $5) to remove the ads. Choose from over 70,000 stations and audio sources from music to […]

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Block Fab iOS app

Block Fab

Are you a quilter? If you like to play around with blocks to see how they might look and want a handy calculator for the fabric you should pick up these free Apps, BlockFab-HD for the iPad and BlockFab for other iOS devices. Use up that stash. – Kit (a quilter wannabe)    BlockFab-HD by Mary […]

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iStat 2 iOS app

iStat 2

Techies, do you suffer from OCD about your scattered computers’ health? This Universal iOS App works in conjunction with free server applications for your Mac, Window and Linux computers. They work together to securely gather and present a wide variety of live and historical status information succinctly on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Current […]

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