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About your iPhone Battery

Our own Mark Pimentel tells is how to make our iPhone battery last longer. Hit Read More button REALLY HARD to play the video to find out how!

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Home Network 2020-2-10

Jim Johnson gave a presentation on home networks. This talk covered: Available Internet services in Colorado Springs, LAN-WAN Interconnections, Wiring the home and/or Wireless, Future Providers (SpaceX, Amazon, Cellular, Access Points, modems & routers, His Home Network, andIP Addressing. This talk would be useful to any of us working to initially setting up or improving […]

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“Your Can’t Learn Less” Program Info: 1-13-2020

Links from Skip Mundy’s Presentation. Lots of info and links to find information from our Apple Club ( and websites. For people interested in learning about Apple items, Photography, Apple Tablets, iPhones, and applications. Log in as a member, go to Slides From Meetings to view the slides presented by Skip in his presentation. Skip […]

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How to Avoid a Safari Scam

With all the online scams like the Ransom Ware this May (2017), you might want to know how to avoid one of the latest scams that is hitting Mac computers, the “Virus Scan”.    Our own Apple expert Mark Pimentel tells us what these scams look like when they appear, and what steps to take […]

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Clear Your Cache

The cache is where your browser stores things to be retrieved and shown more quickly. Sometimes, old or wrong things get into your cache, and they need to be cleaned out. How to do the “clear my cache”? Here is a link to a great site that shows how to clear caches in various browsers, […]

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July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Members are always welcome to attend Board Meetings. See the CALENDAR for dates and times. President Jim Johnson called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m. (more…)

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