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Drippler 50x50


Would you like one very handy tip served up each day just for your iOS device? This free app comes up with one snack sized hint each day. No constant barrage of general info but always useful to the devices I actually own. A free, well written mini lesson a day, what could be nicer? What […]

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Lark 50x50


Do you have an iPhone 5s or newer and would like a light as a feather buddy to help keep you healthy? I have found Lark to be a very low stress friend that can access info from HealthKit built into my iPhone and offer a very supportive chat to share the info with me. […]

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QuakeFeed 50x50


Did you just feel an earthquake? Want to know about locations of earthquakes somewhere else, say in Oklahoma. This free iOS App has a great collection of information in an easy to understand layout. Handy and informative.   QuakeFeed Earthquake Map, Alerts and News – World Earthquakes Displayed on Esri Maps by Artisan Global LLC

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Documents 5 50x50

Documents 5

Do you wish you had an App that was a little more business like in it’s capabilities? The free iOS App from Readdle, Documents 5 is worth a look for fast viewing of documents, file management and a number of inexpensive add-ons to meet your business needs. You just might find it fits the bill. […]

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Timehop 50x50


What were you doing one year ago or five years ago? If you take pictures and share on the social applications on the web, this is a great free iOS app. With your permission, every day it collects and creates a unique story with pictures of what you were up to this day years ago […]

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Sling Televisio 50x50

Sling Television

Tired of paying big bucks to the cable companies? One of the growing collections of alternatives via streaming internet is Sling Television. Access ESPN, CNN and a plethora of other popular cable channels via your iOS device, Mac, or even other devices such as Roku for a $20/month charge with small additional upgrades for other […]

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