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Bloomberg Business 50x50

Bloomberg Business

Want serious business news? Check out Bloomberg Business, a great, deep, free App. Global in coverage and full of intelligent information. Financial information without the shouting. Get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world’s most trusted source. Now including Apple Watch features.   Bloomberg Business by […]

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Do you think your favorite site is down? A handy free App to check all sorts of web sites’ status is Downdetector. Although a bit ad heavy, it can answer the common question in a snap – is it me or is the net acting flakey? Won’t fix it, but nice to know you are […]

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Social Flight

Do you love all things associated with General Aviation and airports? Even if you are not a current pilot there are lots of fun events every week that you can enjoy at thousands of little (and big) airports. Social Flight is a handy, free iOS App that lets you find them and share the fun. […]

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Do you want serious answers to serious question? Serious, thought provoking answers by experts on a huge range of interests. That is Quora. This free web page and iOS App is an intellectually stimulating forum where you can read, ask or vote on the best answers to some of the best questions out there. When […]

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Actively or thinking about buying, investing or selling property? The traditional, rather clunky, web site and IOS App, Real Estate, have gone through some serious upgrading with new, tech-savvy folks at the helm. Not just the only official interface to all the current MLS’ data in the country, it offers some great tools to […]

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Wish you could make notes in a more personally useful way with categories you want? Check out Boximize ($0-$5), a mashup of note taking apps and a customizable database. If you have tried note taking apps like Evernote and found it didn’t quite fit your needs take a look at this deceptively simple iOS App. […]

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