Amazon Alexa 50x50

Amazon Alexa

What if Siri went to charm school, sat politely listening in your kitchen and happily answered questions, played podcasts and music, read books, kept you updated on weather and news, ordered items or added them to your to-do or shopping lists, had an exploding list of new skills and you didn't even have to touch it? It even keeps a reviewable log of your conversation for feedback. There is a catch, Amazon's incredibly impressive software, Alexa, only runs on Amazon devices. The best of these right now is the $180 Echo. Subsets of the software work on some other Amazon Fire devices. The universal Alexa iOS App to manage your Amazon Alexa device is free. Hard to explain, but I love my Echo with Alexa the way I loved my first iPad.


Amazon Alexa by AMZN Mobile LLC

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