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This by Tinrocket

Wish you could simply annotate your picture before you send it to someone? This by Tinrocket ($1-$2) is the App you have been looking for. Pick or take a photo. Point where you want to make a comment & type. Tweak colors or text if you like. Save or send and you are done. Could not be simpler


This by Tinrocket by Tinrocket, LLC

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EZ Mask

Have you ever tried to extract a person/animal/item from one photo so that you can superimpose it over another photo to make it look like it/you were someplace that you never were? What a pain! Trying to select all of those uneven edges. Well that’s where EZ Mask becomes an invaluable tool. It simplifies the selection and masking process for both simple or complex images including ones that contain sheer material or smoke.

EZ Mask

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Shadow Type

If you would like to give your newly created video a professional look, you might start with giving it slick looking titles, chapter headings, and de- scriptions. SquidFX’s Shadow Type for Final Cut Pro X has twelve different title presets to choose from.


August 2015 Newsletter

This issue includes: “Scary Internet Scam Becoming Disturbingly Common"

Also included are:

• Club News

• Reviews of: EZ Mask and Shadow Type

• The Joe on Tech

• Michael’s Mac Tips

• Joy of Tech

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August 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Board Meeting

June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes 6/29/2015   5:30-6:40pm

Posted 7/27/2015

Members are always welcome to attend Board meeting. Attendees were as shown below: Read more...

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Curious about crime activity in an area? SpotCrime+ is a free iOS app that can zoom into a neighborhood to display a map and data on publicly recorded criminal activity. Really useful when checking out neighborhoods you may be visiting or looking at for a move.


SpotCrime+ by ReportSee Inc.