Do you love to tweak your shots with Photoshop curves but want more, cheaper? You might want to check out MaxCurve ($0-$4). Photo editing plus dozens of adjustments and layers to manage the effects. Easy to use even for a non-Photoshop user (like me).


MaxCurve - Curve image editor for pro photography by Xiaodong Wang



Do you get overwhelmed looking at overlapping appointments from multiple calendar sources? Future – Calendar events around the clock is an iOS & watch App ($2-free) that elegantly solves this problem. By spinning the spiral tunnel of time you can visually navigate and manage your commitments. Very handy.


Future – Calendar events around the clock by Matic Leban

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Automatic Duck Media Copy

Automatic Duck Media Copy is a program that will read your Final Cut Pro 7 or X project’s XML (or Avid’s AAF) export file and then copy all of the referenced media files to the location of your choice. Why would you want this? There’s two reasons....


November 2015 Newsletter

This issue includes: “A Not So Short List of People to Blame for Internet Content Woes"

Also included are:

• Club News

• Reviews of: Automatic Duck Media Copy

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November 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 Board Meeting

Members are always welcome to attend Board meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes



Do you enjoy puzzles without knowing what they are suppose to look like or do? TraptionBakery ($6-free) is just that kind. No obvious instruction just a fun steampunkish pencil drawing that starts to get bits of color & move a bit randomly. If you ever picked up a stick & poked a bug just to see what would happen, you will enjoy this.


TraptionBakery by Jonathan Prestidge