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Primatte Keyer

Have you ever wondered how the movie industry places their actors in outlandish alien landscapes (like Avatar®) or in post-apocalyptic or futuristic cities and worlds (like the 5th Element®)? Most are so elaborate that it would take tons of money and time to build on a sound stage – if they had a stage big […]

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Tokyo PIPinator

Tokyo PiPinator is a picture-in-picture plug-in for Final Cut Pro X. What is a picture-in-picture? Well if you have ever watched a newscast, you have seen picture-in-picture being used, e.g. you see the newscaster sitting behind a desk while the news topic/video clip is being shown over his/ her shoulder. Tokyo PiPinator

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Offload is a program that will quickly and safely copy video and stills from media cards and hard drives… Offload

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Affinity Designer logo

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a full featured vector graphic design program that comes packed with a wide variety of tools. Unlike other art programs that are either a vector or a raster (bitmap) program, Affinity Designer lets you draw with both vector and raster graphics. So Affinity Designer is the best of both worlds…. Affinity Designer

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Mudbox 2015

Mudbox is a 3D program lets you create an object, person, monster, etc. out of digital clay. As you are creating it, you can spin and rotate it so you can see/work on all of its sides. A nice thing about a 3D object versus a 2d object, is that you can resize it or […]

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Shooter Suite 12.5

Red Giant’s Shooter Suite is comprised of two standalone programs: BulletProof and PluralEyes and four video plugins: Denoiser II, Frames, Instant 4K and LUT Buddy. The Shooter Suite is designed to provide filmmakers the tools needed to easily take your footage from the shooting location to editing. (more…)

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