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Blaster Bolt logo

Blaster Bolt

Fan Film FX has created a Star Wars themed plug-in that is compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. It is called Blaster Bolt. With it you can animate blaster (laser) bolts coming out of your model (more…)

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Saber Blade logo

Saber Blade

Are you or someone in your house a Star Wars junkie? Someone who can’t get enough of Star Wars so you wish you could create your own realistic Jedi lightsaber fights? Now you can with the help of the Saber Blade plug-in (more…)

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Tiffen Dfx logo

Tiffen Dfx 4

The Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite is a set of digital optical filters for professional photographers, filmmakers, video editors, and visual effects artists. Tiffen Dfx 4

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Magic Bullet Suite logo

Magic Bullet Suite

Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven color correction and grading tools for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After effects. Magic Bullet suite

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Are you an artist or designer who is fed up with trying to create your master pieces using a mouse but don’t have the bucks for a large Wacom tablet and pressure sensitive stylus, then I have an alternative for you – providing you have a iPad… Astropad

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Crossword Forge logo

Crossword Forge 7

Crossword Forge lets you create Crossword and Word Search puzzles from the words and clues you have entered yourself or from ready-made word and clue list that you can download from the Internet. Crossword Forge 7

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