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Affinity Photo logo

Affinity Photo

If you in the market for a photo editing program or would like to get away from Adobe’s Photoshop with its unending subscription fees, then you should take a look at Affinity Photo. (more…)

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EZ Mask logo

EZ Mask

Have you ever tried to extract a person/animal/item from one photo so that you can superimpose it over another photo to make it look like it/you were someplace that you never were? What a pain! Trying to select all of those uneven edges. Well that’s where EZ Mask becomes an invaluable tool. It simplifies the […]

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Shadow Type logo

Shadow Type

If you would like to give your newly created video a professional look, you might start with giving it slick looking titles, chapter headings, and de- scriptions. SquidFX’s Shadow Type for Final Cut Pro X has twelve different title presets to choose from. (more…)

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Picture Rescue 2 logo

Picture Rescue 2

Picture Rescue is a program that recovers photos and movie clips that have been accidentally deleted, reformatted, or lost due to media corruption. Picture Rescue 2

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Universe logo

Red Giant’s Universe

The Red Giant Universe is a community that has a library of effects and transitions for professional editors, visual effects, and motion graphics designers. These effects and transitions work in applications like Final Cut Pro X, Motion, After Effects, and Pre- miere Pro. I will be using/testing it with Final Cut Pro X. (more…)

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Drive Genius logo

Drive Genius 4

Maintain, manage, and optimize your hard drives. It comes with eighteen different tools (utilities) that you can use to check the health of and repair your volumes.  (more…)

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